Replacing car tyres is not usually high on the priority list for most people, however worn and damaged tyres can have a significant impact on the handling and safety of your car. Walking into a tyre showroom, you are faced with an endless amount of tyre types and brands at countless different price brackets. At AME Automotive, we stock a huge range of Kumho tyres in Canning Vale. We understand that to many car owners, all tyres look the same so it can be difficult to choose the right option. Read on for our things to consider to help you decide on the right tyres for your car, needs and budget.

Choose Tyres that Are Suitable for Your Make and Model

Not all tyres suit all cars, so it’s important to buy ones that are suitable for your exact vehicle. During the new model development stage, car manufacturers go to great lengths to select the best tyres to fit to their cars, ensuring the optimum blend of ride comfort, handling, braking, efficiency and wear rate. When it comes to replacing your tyres, the original tyres specified by the car manufacturer are generally best. This information can be found in the owner’s manual and while it won’t specify a particular brand of tyre, you could use the brand that was fitted when the car was new.

Trust Well Known Brands

When it comes to tyres there’s an abundance of options in size, performance and price. There are many brands on the market currently, some you may recognise and others you may not. The most recognised brands usually carry a higher price while those that are lesser known are typically cheaper, so which is better? Without being able to view the construction of a tyre it’s near impossible to determine anything about its performance, comfort, safety, or possible lifespan so you need to rely the reputation of tyre maker. With tyres from leading brands such as Kumho, you can be sure their experience, technology and after-care service will mean top notch tyres for your car. 

Should I Replace All 4 Tyres?

While you don’t necessarily need to buy four new tyres if only a couple are worn, you should try to buy in pairs so you won’t have issues with uneven wear or alignment problems. When replacing two tyres, it’s recommended that you put the new ones on the front of the car as this is where most of the braking, steering and handling happens. If you choose to replace only one tyre, make sure it matches the brand and specifications of the other tyres already fitted. It’s also important to keep in mind that different brands have different handling characteristics which is why the same brand is often recommended for all four tyres.

How Much Should I Pay for New Tyres?

When comparing tyre brands, you may notice a big price difference with budget options for under $100 to high end tyres costing upwards of $1000. As with many other things, paying more will usually give you a better product, with better grip and additional qualities such as lower noise levels at higher speeds. When deciding on how much to spend on replacement tyres, you should consider the requirements of your car, but also the amount and type of driving you do. If you only travel short distances within the city, then it may not be worth purchasing top end tyres. Whereas if you drive long distances or take road trips on country roads, it might be worth investing in a premium option that is guaranteed to perform and last. There are many mid-range tyres that provide a good balance of value and performance.

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