ecowing ES31 / Comfort


Fuel-saving tyres of the new generation. The ecowing has all the economy and eco-friendly characteristics of the KH30 with greatly improved handling


The ecowing ES01 (KH27) contains fuel economy and eco-friendly characteristics with great handling performance
The ecowing KH27 recorded greater levels of rolling resistance and 5.1% better fuel economy than the equivalent conventional tyres
OE for BMW 2, Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai Elantra

Better wet grip & traction performance
– By strengthened rib and improved centre block pattern

Handling & cornering
– Closed & notch shoulder gives better handling, better wet grip

LRR(Low Rolling Resistance)
– Special high dispersion silica new sidewall material minimises sidewall
deformation and lowers energy loss

Improved handling
– Longitudinal 3 channel & wide lateral groove improves water clearance for high levels of wet performance

EcowinTyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth
EcowinTyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth

ecowing ES01 KH27 / Comfort


Eco Performance Tyre.


Developed to reduce fuel consumption and preserve the environment by using

Secure handling & traction performance

Improved wet grip technology

Improved endurance & mileage

Ecsta Tyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth

ECSTA PA51 / All Season Comfort

Performance Comfort


With its state of the art tread design and new innovative compound, the ECSTA PA51 is able to deliver the enhanced handling, traction and extended tread life




With its state of the art tread design and new innovative compound, the all new ECSTA PA51 is able to deliver the enhanced handling, traction and extended tread life needed for today’s high performance vehicles while also providing the quiet and comfortable ride in all conditions


Confidence instilling traction comes from its asymmetrical tread design and full-depth sides that are able to give superb traction

A strong central rib and rigid outside shoulder give exceptional traction and stability, even in tight curves and corners

A balanced and wide footprint provides even contact with the road, allowing for longer tread life

Variable pitch tread design lowers road harmonics for a quieter, more comfortable ride; especially at high speeds

Circumferential and lateral grooves along with full depth sides help to expel water quickly to improve control, even in inclement weather

Ecsta Tyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth
Ecsta Tyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth

ECSTA HS51 / Comfort Sports

Performance Comfort Sport


In the past you were given the choice; comfort or high performance, not both. Well now, things have changed with the development of new ‘harmony sports tyre‘ – the Solus HS51 (Ultra High Performance) with its cutting edge tread design and high-tech compound brings the best of both worlds. Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness. Together with the road in perfect harmony. Road Hazard Warranty


Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness Together with the road in perfect harmony

Compound technology
– High technology material & compound is applied to maximise the driving performance

– Solid rib – Tyre design: Improved wet braking and Reinforced block stiffness by centralised ribbed pattern design

Wide lateral Grooves
– Wide lateral grooves help to maximise water displacement when turning

– Wide 4 channels main grooves: The pattern design with its 4 wide linear grooves improves water displacement performance

Closed & Notch shoulder
– Handling performance has been improved thanks to a strengthened shoulder

Ecsta Tyre Shop in Canning Vale, Perth
Buy Ecsta Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth


ECSTA PS71 / Sports

Performance Sport


A sports performance tyre designed for driving refinement


Design to deliver fine and stable driving with superb handling and braking performance on wet and dry surfaces

Compound technology

– High Dispersion ‘Micro Silica’:

Maximises wear, handling performance and fuel efficiency by application of high-dispersion silica.

Maxmized driving performance

– 4 main wide grooves direct water drainage out of tread area performance resin

Increased durability

– Application of new hybrid cap ply made of steel belts strengthens casing

– Inclusion of a fabric insert into the sidewall provides extra rigidity

Buy Ecsta Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth
Buy Ecsta Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth


ECSTA PS91 / Premium Sports

Prestige Premium Sport


Developed for ultimate sports cars. Road Hazard Warranty


Born from Kumho’s motorsport pedigree, the PS91 provides the ultimate in high-speed driving safety and cornering. The ECSTA PS91 delivers “enhanced grip, braking ability, high-speed durability and uniform ride qualities.”

The new range is available for 19 and 20-inch rim diameters with a speed
rating over 300km/h

Different in / out pattern design

– Immediate handling response by wide shoulder and rib-type centre block design

– Maximised tyre grip and block stiffness of rear tyres with optimised groove pattern

– Ideal for staggered fitment

(Y) Speed rating

– Stable durability and running performance at over 300km/h

* (Y) Speed rating = the highest speed rating for tyres with speed capability over 300km/h.

Tread design

– Three dimensional block (C-Cut 3D) and the high-stiffness advanced belt package are applied to deliver high speed stability

To fit such cars as Porsche 911, Audi R8, Mercedes AMG, BMW, Lexus, Holden Special Vehicle, Ford Performance Vehicle and so on

Speed rating of over 300km/hr

A tread compound developed specifically for ultra high performance

Excellent levels of wet and dry traction for superior handling and braking

Buy Ecsta Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth
Prestige Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth

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