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AME Automotive is dedicated to providing a professional service that is aimed at keeping your car safe and secure on the road – that’s why we specialise in handling tyre repairs, replacements and wheel alignments.

At AME Automotive in Canning Vale we aim to be the best in selling tyres for all types of vehicle. So if you are looking for small car tyres, medium car tyres, family car tyres, 4 wheel drive or commercial tyres then visit us and we’ll give you the best price.

$20 Caltex fuel card & first aid kit with any set of Kumho Tyres

As well as offering tyre repair services, we are also a Platinum dealer of Kumho tyres in Canning Vale, Perth. As such we are happy to offer you a complimentary $20 fuel card with any set of Kumho products. Great deals with AME Automotive on Kumho Tyres range from low to high to Commercial tyres – Kumho Performance, Kumho Eco, Kumho Prestige, Touring, Prestige SUV & 4×4, & Light Truck & Van Tyres in Canning Vale, Perth.

The Importance of Well Maintained Tyres

The most common issues that your tyres and wheels face are under-inflation, general wear and tear, and poor alignment. All of these factors can contribute to breakdowns and blowouts, which are no fun at all, and cost you time and money to get repaired or replaced.

We recommend that you regularly check your tyre pressure and replace your tyres every three to five years. Also keep a close eye on your tyres condition – you’ll be able to increase their lifespan and improve both your cars handling and safety.

Specialised Wheel Alignment Service in Perth

Wheel alignment—sometimes known as “tracking”—is the proper adjustment of the angles of your car’s wheels. This service helps to reduce tyre wear and keep your vehicle travelling straight and true, instead of veering off to one side.

When your car is out of alignment, you’ll experience such symptoms as rapid tyre wear and drifting on a straight road. You may also notice a vibration in the steering wheel or floorboard when you’re driving at certain highway speeds.

If you experience any of these symptoms in your car, don’t hesitate to get it in for a service.

We can perform a comprehensive wheel alignment service to best match your car manufacturer’s exact specifications. We can also inspect your steering components for signs of damage or fatigue, check your tyre pressure and tread and make sure that your steering wheel is cantered with your vehicle.

Benefits of Choosing AME Automotive tyres and Tyre Service

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Puncture Repairs

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Alignment

Call AME Automotive on 08 6500 1779 or get a quote online for your next wheel alignment, brake repairs and clutch replacement, air conditioning repairs, engine repairs, exhaust & cooling system repairs. AME Automotive offer wide range of quality tyres, including car tyres, trucks, Kumho performance, Kumho sports, commercial and 4×4 tyres .

Visit AME Automotive in Canning Vale, Sydney to know more about tyre services, auto repair service, including tyre fitting and wheel alignment.


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