We all know that servicing and maintenance is one of the duties of being a responsible car owner, but do we actually know what can happen if regular check-ups aren’t performed by a licensed automotive mechanic? We spend thousands of dollars choosing the perfect car for our needs but when it comes to maintaining it so many of us try to save a dollar skipping regular services, using inferior parts and products or even worse, performing a do-it-yourself job watching online tutorials. Cars, like people, need regular tune-ups by qualified professionals and here’s why:

Keep your family safe

A regular car service can help to identify possible issues before they become an expensive reality. Just because a car feels fine to drive, doesn’t mean there isn’t any underlying issues caused by normal wear and tear. Your automotive mechanic in Perth will carry out essential checks to critical components of your car such as brakes & clutch repairs, exhaust, transmission and suspension. All of these mechanisms can quite easily let you down and have disastrous consequences if not regularly checked and maintained. Servicing is the best way to ensure you and your passengers get home safely.

Maintain the value of your car

We know that cars don’t necessarily hold their value the same as other assets might, but the best way to ensure you get a top price if you choose to sell or upgrade is to ensure the service history is completely up-to-date. The used vehicle market is unbelievably competitive so an easy way to have the edge over the competition is to make sure you don’t skip any scheduled services. If you are thinking of selling, or if you’re just behind with servicing, a great way to get a car into its peak condition is with a car service package. Car service packages can include full electronic tune, a full safety check, brake inspection and added extras such as a complete interior and exterior clean. Perfect for giving any car a little bit of love.

Save money in the long run

Quite simply, regular servicing will save you money. It may not seem like it at the time, but scheduled maintenance will not only identify issues before they become costly it will also save you money at the fuel pump. A regularly service will lead to a smoother running motor improving fuel efficiency and reliability.

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