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AME is dedicated to looking after you and your car by providing a full range of expert services and repairs. All our services include expertise on nearly every car make and model, along with a warranty for 12 months or 20,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). You’ll also appreciate how friendly and professional our team is when you bring your car in, no matter what the problem is.

What we offer our customers:

Vehicle Servicing

Try out our standard vehicle service, which includes a grease and oil change, a full auto diagnostic and safety inspection, along with a detailed report on your car’s condition.

Tyres & Wheel Alignment

We use only the most professional equipment to adjust your front wheels and prevent excessive tyre wear, as well as replace old tyres with our top-end brands.

Brakes & Clutches

Come to us for a regular tune-up and we’ll give you a specialty service on fixing or replacing your hydraulics, brakes pads and clutch pads. Available for any car make or model.

Exhaust Systems

Our mechanics will inspect your car’s exhaust system for any signs of damage and replace any broken feature with quality mufflers and other components.

Air Conditioning

Every air conditioner can suffer breakdowns and leaks, so let us take a look and ensure it’s running at its best. We also supply and refill refrigerent gas for your car’s AC system.

Cooling Systems

Let us pressure-test your radiator, inspect your hoses for leaks, check your car’s coolant levels and ensure that all your pumps and belts are secure and working properly.

Engine Repairs

AME handles both major and minor engine repairs, including rebuilds and replacements. We’re also suppliers of HM-manufactured engines, which are guaranteed for top-quality performance.

Fuel Injection Specialists

We’re experts who can handle any issue in your car’s fuel system, with a full safety inspection report included every time.

Suspension & Steering

AME will test and inspect all suspension components for wear-and-tear, including ball joints, shock absorbers and anything else that could intefere with your steering.

Transmission Repairs

Our automatic transmission service includes such essentials as replacing transmission fluid and cleaning or replacing the filter, among other adjustments.

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