Winter Car Care Tips – Make Winter Driving Simple & Safe

Winter can take its toll on your vehicle but being prepared will extend the life of all its components from tyre pressure to windscreen wipers. Here are our car care tips from our expert Canning Vale car mechanics that can prevent long-term damage. Does the winter affect your car?

Preparatory Check-Up

As always, when you bring your car in for a service please advise us at the counter of anything that does not seem right with the vehicle.  We find everyday drivers of the vehicles to have a “sixth sense” of what’s going on and most of the times what’s not right. Cars are prone to increased issues during adverse weather conditions, which is normally when we need them the most. Hence doing a basic check-up can ensure your car functions in tip top condition.


Safety is key and this tip is super simple and could save you super money. Inside your driver’s door (or sometimes in your car manual) is the placard of how much air you should have in your tyres. Having the right tyre pressure is critical for safety.  Incorrect tyre pressures are the common cause of bad faults like blowouts (or even abnormal/faster wear). Checking tyre pressure is a must before any trip away and don’t forget your spare!


One major hazard during winter driving is the sun sets earlier and in rain there is less natural light. Make sure that all your driving and exterior lights are in the best shape possible. If they are out, replace the bulb as soon as possible. The same goes if they are foggy or are yellow-looking, we can help with buffing them out to crystal clear again.

Windshield wipers

Wipers deserve a lot of attention. Unfortunately, we do not change them until they just are not keeping up with wiping the water from our screens. On your way in or at the counter inform us they are operating poorly, and we can sort it for your during the regular service.

Windshield wiper fluid

Our mechanics in Canning Vale will always top this up for you without asking.  You should use your washer fluid frequently to keep your windshield clean and with high visibility.  Sometimes this will mean in between services you will run out and must top this up under your bonnet.  If your passing by you can always ask our boys to do this for you for free.

Air Conditioning, Climate Control and Defroster

Everyone who lives in Perth knows this function is essential.  From getting rid of fog in Winter to a cool breeze in Summer.  Our Mechanics are highly trained in Air Conditioner issues.  Be sure to test your Air Conditioner functionality and if you need, we can investigate further.

For all the services related to the winter maintenance for your car, consult Car Mechanic in Canning Vale at AME Automotive at (08) 9455 3225 or visit or Car Repair Service Centre in Canning Vale, Perth. We firmly believe in a high level of customer satisfaction from a family business.

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