Have you ever bumped a curb with your car?  Misaligned wheels are a common car problem, but did you know this can also occur with regular use on bumpy roads?   Luckily at AME Auto we are Kumho platinum dealers, this means our mechanics are highly trained and skilled at seeing tyre issues and fixing them before you need costly tyre replacements.  With the regular maintenance of your car it is equally essential to maintain your wheels and adjust their alignment when needed in the servicing schedule. Today at AME Automotive blog, we will discuss the early signs of wheel misalignment and why you need to fix this. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an affordable wheel alignment service Perth, it’s hard to go past AME Automotive. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, our expert mechanics can align your car’s wheels back to as good as new in no time. To book a service call us on (08) 9455 3225 or reach out to admin@ameauto.com.au. Alternatively book in a time that suits you here.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to the angle (sometimes known as tracking) at which the tyres of your car are positioned with respect to each other as well as the body of your car. It is always recommended that you get your car’s tyre alignment checked every 10,000 kms or anytime you feel the car “pulling” to one side. Bad alignment leads to rapid tyre wear and “drifting” on a straight road. As safety is AME’s number 1 priority, if you are concerned at any time about your wheel alignment or tyres,pop in and see our mechanics in Canning Vale and let AME Automotivetake a look. Get your tyres aligned and enjoy a host of affordable car services only with AME Automotive.

Signs & Causes of Poor Wheel Balancing & Alignment

Early Signs of Misaligned Tyres

A big hit or curb bump will throw out your wheel’s alignment.  Other times this can be a slow process with bad roadsgradually throwing your car’s wheel alignment.  The good news is that before the issue becomes too severe and interferes with your driving, your car will “talk” to you and give certain early warning signs. Here are some common early signs that you need a wheel alignment:
  • Your tyres wearing rapidly
  • When you look at the wear on the tyre it is uneven
  • Your steering wheel vibrates every time you drive even on smooth roads
  • If the steering wheel is straight, the car tends to slightly pullin one direction
In some instances the Tyresmayeven squeal and make strange noises, suggesting that it requires immediate attention! If you have read this article, AME Automotive have a website specialfortyresand alignment as well as our comprehensive “Pamper My Car” package at amazing prices.

AME’s Top Tips to prevent Wheel Misalignment

Sometimes you just can’t prevent the tyres from going out of alignment. However knowing the factors that drive tyre alignment can certainly add life to your car wheels and tyres.

1. Low Tyre Pressures

One of the most common causes of tyre misalignment is very low tyre pressure. Your tyres should always be inflated to the vehicle recommended pressure level (this will be on a placard ina door frame or in the car user’s manual). If the air pressure in your tyresarevery lowthis affects the ability the tyre to support the weight of your car and its overall performance.   Low pressure in a tyre also causes the tyre to heat up and is the cause of many tyre blowouts.   At your next petrol refill, take 5 minutes to check your tyre pressures.  It may be painful but also don’t forget the spare (you will need it one day)!! Alternatively reach out for expert help at AME Automotive.  Pop in and we will check your tyres and pressures for free.  Is if it during a service we will adjust the tyre pressure and inspect if there is a deeper cause behind the misaligned wheels.

2. Potholes and Curbs are bad

When driving around Perth and Western Australia,potholes and curbs can send out a heavy impact on the wheels of your car. When your car jerks after hitting a pothole or curb, the impact can disrupt your car’s suspension. In Perth most people don’t realise it but you will certainly begin to notice the vibrating in the steering wheel and squeaky tyres/pulling after a few kilometres. Unfortunately for wheel alignment issues there is only one way to fix it, you will need to bring your vehicle into AME Automotive. With our bestinclass mechanics, quality tyres and advanced equipment, we take pride in being one of the most sought-after mechanics for car service and repairs Canning Vale and Perth.

3. Regular Wear and Tear

Your car is a machine, and car parts are designed to perform a function (not to last forever).  The same goes for your car’s tyres.   As you’ve seen, if you use your car frequently its tyres can naturally go out of alignment under regular wear and tear. That’s why it is always recommended to get your tyres inspected every 10,000 km or at least once a year, whichever comes first.  At AME all our customers get this in a car service without asking. If you are looking for regular car service and repair Canning Vale, then AME Automotive is thebest you can get. We provide a comprehensive list of car services covering every automotive need you might have. To know more about wheel alignment costs, reach out to us for afree quote.

Wrapping Up: Why Do You Need to Get Your Car Wheel Alignment?

You can drive with misaligned wheels and at AME Automotive we understand that wheel alignments sometimes may seem like an extra cost but if you work out that small cost against a new set of tyres, it pays for itself in spades. At AME Automotive we keep the cost of servicing down so if you need any extra’s like a wheel alignment it’s never going to break the bank. To recap here are a few reasons why the wheel alignment of your car is so important:
  • It increases the life of tyres – (it actually saves you a money in the long term)
  • Enables a smoother driving experience
  • Your steering wheels remain stable and do not pull or vibrate
  • Reduces premature wear and tear of essential car parts
  • Adds to your car’s life and reduces the chance of an unexpected breakdown
At AME Automotive, our mechanics are trained in dealing with every type of wheel balancing and alignment issue. You also get a 12-month or 20,000kms warranty on all our services at an affordable rate. To book your wheel alignment service Perth, reach out to us on 0894553225 or send us an email at admin@ameauto.com.au.  Alternatively get a free no obligation quote now.