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I brought a Tesla Model Y on day 1 and it was delivered not too long ago. I read the articles online that say straight off the boat the Tesla wheel alignment was out. Like a good MythBusters episode I wanted to prove or bust this theory, (most of all I just didn’t want to potentially chew through a set of new tyres)!

Now to be honest the steering felt good to me and wasn’t pulling in any direction. Nevertheless I took my Model Y to my mechanic AME Automotive in Canning Vale. I asked to go out back and take some photos as I wanted to post the findings for other members in the Tesla group.

I got ready my Tesla hockey pucks lifting jack pads that I brought off eBay, although they weren’t needed because for wheel alignments, they put the Tesla on a four post hydraulic lift

Tesla Car

AME Automotive had a Corghi expert wheel alignment machine and popped the clamps onto the rims to gauge alignment all four of the wheels.

tesla wheel 1
Going through the Corghi wheel alignment software and good news, it had been updated with all the model Y (in fact all Tesla’s) wheel alignment profiles. (This may infact be why some wheel alignment companies don’t want to do Tesla wheel alignments).
The machine checked front and back wheel alignment, and these were my results.


Busted, the Tesla was all within tolerances.

Corghi Details1 jpg


Proven! The Tesla Facebook groups were correct, my alignment was out with both of the Model Y tyres pulling to the right (the left side +4.6mm!) The right side of my Model Y also has a small camber issue too!

The Canning Vale Mechanics set about correcting the alignment of the toe and these were my final front axle results.
wheel alignment 1
Front Axel 2
If you are wondering about the camber, I had read here “The front camber is adjusted by removing the trunk lining and then loosening the bolts holding the top shock mount to the car and sliding it until the camber is correct.”

I just didn’t want to mess with my brand new Tesla’s frunk lining and/or shocks, so I elected NOT to do this. Maybe next time!

In addition to being a Tesla owner the other complaint is that for some people (not me) the Model Y ride suspension is a little hard. From factory the tyres are pumped to 45/46PSI cold, and the recommended cold pressure on the screen is 42 psi.

tesla up
Whilst I was there, I got them to change the PSI to 43 in a hope that I would notice a little suspension softening (I didn’t really – but if you think your ride suspension is hard, maybe you will notice it).
Tesla 3

Wheel Alignment Pricing

AME Auto charges Tesla owners $89 for a wheel alignment $125 for a wheel alignment and tyre rotation. (I’ve only seen two Australian Tesla invoices (online) for the same thing with one at $185 the other $275), so it’s a surprisingly good deal

New Tyre Pricing

I also asked what replacement tyre costs would look like for Tesla’s as they are a platinum Kumho dealer. It sounded like the price of tyres are volatile like diesel although at time of writing (you do need to check with AME although use this as a pricing guide) these are his current tyre deals for the Tesla group:

235/45/18 – $929

235/40/19 – $1075

235/35/20 – $1000

All in all 10 out of 10 for customer service and would really recommend AME Automotive with your Tesla (or your ICE (checkout their internet special for Pamper my car)). I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions. Contact AME Automotive on 94553225 or get a quote from them on this form

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