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How to find a good mechanic in Perth.

Finding a good mechanic in Perth is like trying to find hens teeth. If you are like me and know nothing about mechanics it can even be nerve racking. Not knowing what you will be charged and what exactly you are being charged for. Women in general can find it daunting if they know very little about how a car works. Finding a trusted reliable mechanic is worth traveling kilometres for. Finding someone that has your best interests in mind can also be a challenge.

If you need a good mechanic or professional workshop then I may be able to help you. AME Automotive in Canning Vale I would say are Perth’s best owner operated mechanics. The difference is dealerships tend to charge a lot more in general. There is no reason you need to take your vehicle to the dealership you bought it from, that it’s a myth. Dealerships spend big money convincing people that they must use the place where they bought the car from. A skilled mechanic will be able to work only vehicle whether it be a sedan, ute, small truck or van. It shouldn’t matter.

An owner operator like AME Auto’s will be way better with prices and you are going to get a much better service. You will get a more personal service and they will have your best interests at heart.

Tony the owner at AME Automotive has built a business based on reputation alone. The gist you get is that Tony simply loves cars and cares about his customers. Last time I looked he had seventy positive reviews on Google Business alone. This is not including Facebook and other social media platforms. The business constantly runs specials that are great if you are on a budget. One special is the Pamper my Car for $159.00 that includes a $30 gift card.

In general, the shop is always clean and maintained. Basically, you can tell they have great system and stick to what works. Tony has implemented twelve loan cars if your vehicle needs to say overnight. The shop is a platinum Kumho tyre dealership. Kumho tyres being one of the safest tyres on the road.

AME Automotive is a Western Australian Department of Transport authorised inspection company. So, if you need this service then look no further. Tony and the experienced team will let you know that’s required. They guarantee to beat any quote by 10% and speaking of quotes you can get an online quote or estimate by using the form on the website.

When it comes to the services AME Automotive offer the list is immense. Vehicle servicing, wheel alignment, brakes, clutches, air-conditioning, cooling systems and engine repairs. They are also fuel injection specialists, suspensions, steering and transmission repairs. The list goes on.

I wrote this article after doing a video for AME Automotive and have learned more about this amazing business. To be honest it’s hard to believe it’s an owner operated family mechanic shop. When you look at the quality of the website and the marketing in general. It looks more like a large dealership. The thing it is not and you are going to get a personal service. You will see what I mean. Once you meet the friendly staff and see the workshop I am sure you will be as confident as I am.

As I mentioned earlier simply check the social proof and reviews that is impressive enough.

Click the link here to teleport to the website and get your vehicle to the best auto shop in Perth.


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