Vehicle inspection is an integral part of the government’s road safety protocols. A detailed inspection of your vehicle ensures that it is fit for the roads and will not pose any danger to your safety or the other drivers on the road.

If you are looking for a reliable car inspection centre, you should visit AME Automotive. We are a Department of Transport Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) who are legally authorised to examineand test your vehicle before it gets back on the road.

Some vehicles needs an inspection every year, (every time licence / registration is renewed) AME Automotive is able to issue you a safety certificate.

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When Does Your Car Need to Go Through a Vehicle Inspection?

The vehicle inspection laws will vary from state to state. According to the West Australian laws, here are a few scenarios during which your car must go through inspection:

• You want to license (register) your vehicle in Western Australia.
• You receive a Defect Notice (often referred to as a yellow sticker or work order).
• You have modified your vehicle (for example: change body, engine, dimensions).
• Your vehicle is subject to an annual inspection.
• You want to license a repairable written-off vehicle.
• Your vehicle passed an inspection, but the inspection certificate has expired

AME Automotive conducts vehicle inspections Monday to Friday via two Authorised Inspection Examiners (AIE). This facilitates a speedy inspection process by reliable hands so that you can get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

What to expect of Vehicle Inspection

Visit ourAME automotive local car inspection centre which is recognised by the government to get your car checked.

Here are the steps that will be followed during the inspection:

1. IDand Vehicle Verification

When you bring the car to AME Automotive, we will first ask to verify your identity and car ownership. For the ownerwe will request to check your (government issued) ID. For the vehiclewe will need registration papers which includes the information on the make and model and VIN.

2. Preliminary Inspection

Before an in-depth inspection, we will start with a basic preliminary inspection. This will include checking if your car’s engine starts smoothly or not. Finally, we will document the odometer reading before moving to the next step.

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3. Physical Examination

The inspection will start by checking the obvious physical signs of damage that can lead to severe internal damage.

The checklist for the physical examination of your car includes the
● Mirrors
● Windshields
● Taillights
● Fenders
● Doors
● Windows
Steering wheel
● Gearstick

Each of these components will be inspected for scratches, cracks, leaks and loose fittings. We will also grade the durability of each of these components and assess the remaining lifespan of your car’s components.

You can learn more about our vehicle inspection Perth service and requirements on your part here.

4. Internal Damages

Finally, your car will be checked for internal damages hidden from plain sight. In this stage, we will look for issues like:
● Moisture-induced damage
● Internal wiring trouble
● Damaged internal parts

The internal evaluation can be done both manually and/or visually. In some extreme cases we may need to take off components to see what’s underneath.

At AME Automotive, our inspection will cater to what you wish to achieve. This includes your radiator tank, engine oil, exhaust system, modifications and many more. Click here to get a quote from us today!

Final Thoughts

The West Australian government is very cautious when it comes to road safety. Failing to get a safety certificate for your car will invite a fine. Sticking to the vehicle inspection Perth laws will reduce your risk of landing in legal trouble or hazardous accidents.

Come down to AME Automotive’s inspection centre in Canning Vale to keep your vehicles up and running.

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