Did you know that over 70% of Australian drivers don’t understand the benefits of suspension upgrades? We’re here to change that. At AME Automotive, we’re experts in all things wheels and suspensions. With our deep understanding of automotive mechanics, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of lift kits, 4WD enhancements, tyre packages, and more. Join us as we navigate Perth’s transportation regulations together, ensuring your ride is smooth but also safe and compliant.

Key Takeaways

  • AME Automotive are experts in wheels and suspensions with a deep understanding of automotive mechanics.
  • AME Automotive offers lift kits, 4WD enhancements, and tyre packages to improve suspension and tyre performance.
  • Expert mechanics at AME Automotive ensure well-maintained suspension systems, providing smooth and safe rides.
  • AME Automotive offers a wide range of service and repair options, committed to customer satisfaction and top-notch service.

Understanding Lift Kits

At AME Automotive, we’re not just about fixing your car’s basic needs; we also understand the importance of lift kits in enhancing your vehicle’s suspension and tyre performance. If you want to upgrade your GVM or need a wheel alignment in Perth, our expert automotive mechanics stand ready to assist. With our tire repair services available in Canning Vale, you are guaranteed top-notch service. Now let’s shift gears and focus on ‘4WD Enhancements’.

4WD Enhancements

We’ll enhance your 4WD’s performance and handling with our top-notch services, making those off-road adventures smoother than ever. Here at AME Automotive in Canning Vale, we offer the following:

Our expert mechanic team understands the importance of a well-maintained suspension system. Next, let’s explore how our tyre packages can improve your ride.

Tyre Packages

You’ll be blown away by the range of tyre packages on offer at AME Automotive, tailored to meet all your 4WD needs and beyond.

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Our expertise extends to all types of vehicles and services, including suspension upgrades.

Service and Repair

Rest assured, AME Automotive’s got your back regarding service and repair needs for your vehicle.

  • We’re committed to keeping you safe on the road.
  • Our expertise ensures your ride is always smooth.
  • You’ll be part of our AME family, where cars aren’t just machines but cherished companions.

Next, let us show you how we stand by our work with unbeatable warranties and guarantees.

Warranty and Guarantees

At AME Automotive, you’re covered with our 12-month warranty or 20,000 kms on all repairs and servicing, offering peace of mind and assurance that we stand by the quality of our work. It’s more than just a guarantee; it’s our commitment to you. Whether your vehicle needs suspension upgrades or new tyres, we ensure top-notch service abiding Perth’s Department of Transportation regulations. You’re part of our AME family, and we look after our own!

Suspension Upgrades Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of tyres does AME Automotive recommend for my vehicle?

At AME Automotive, we’re experts in tyres and highly recommend Kumho Tyres. They offer superior performance and meet all of Perth’s transportation regulations. We assure you that this top choice will make you feel part of our family.

How does a suspension upgrade improve the performance of my car?

Upgrading your suspension enhances your car’s handling, stability, and braking. It improves cornering ability, reduces body roll, and provides better control over rough surfaces. A solid suspension system also extends the life of your tyres.

Can I get a free quote for a suspension upgrade and tyre replacement at AME Automotive?

We’d be delighted to provide you a free quote for suspension upgrade and tyre replacement. At AME Automotive, we’re experts in enhancing your ride’s performance while adhering to Perth’s transportation regulations.

Does AME Automotive offer discounts or deals on tyre packages and suspension upgrades?

We often have special deals on tyre packages and suspension upgrades. It’s best to give us a call or pop into our Canning Vale outlet for the most current offers and discounts.

How long does a typical suspension upgrade and tyre installation take at AME Automotive?

We typically complete suspension upgrades and tyre installations within a day. However, time can vary based on the complexity of the job. We ensure all work meets Perth’s transportation regulations for your safety.


We’ve spent over 30 years perfecting our craft in vehicle suspension and tyre services. In that time, we’ve seen a staggering statistic: a 70% increase in car longevity with regular maintenance and upgrades. It’s heartbreaking to see cars prematurely age due to neglect. Perth’s transportation regulations are strict, but for good reason – your safety is paramount.

Trust us, the experts at AME Automotive, to keep your ride smooth and reliable for the long haul.