Although some vehicle inspections are a government-mandated requisite, getting your car inspected in regular intervals also comes with quite a few benefits. If your car spends a lot of time on the road, it’s bound to wear down over time. Periodic vehicle inspections can help you deal with early wear and tear to prevent major complications. Most importantly its keeps your car, you and your family safe on Perth roads.

If you are looking for the right inspection centre for vehicle inspection Perth, then AME Automotive has you covered. We are a recognised Department of Transport Authorised Inspection Station (AIS). The authority that we have been legally vested with also allows us to issue a safety certificate once we are satisfied with the results.

To get your vehicle inspected, leave us a message or call us at (08) 9455 3225.

What is Vehicle Inspection?

Vehicle inspection is a legally required test that evaluates if your car is fit for Western Australian roads (you may have been issued with a “yellow sticker.”Along with you may also get your vehicle inspected for your own safety, or to identify potential causes of damage or in some instances to get your vehicle insured.

Our team at AME Automotive comprises of competent Authorised Inspection Examiners (AIE). We run our vehicle inspections throughout the week, Monday to Friday, to ensure none of our customers have to wait.

4 Benefits of Getting Regular Vehicle Inspection

Here are four benefits of getting periodic vehicle inspection:

1. Identifying Problems Early

Unless you get into a disastrous accident, most car components do fail and some without warning. A regular vehicle inspection allows you to identify components prone to damage while they are still repairable. This saves you a lot of money.

Our comprehensive list of auto services and our experienced mechanics makes us one of the best Canning vale mechanics. We also offer a 12-month or 20,000 km warranty to all our customers after the service. Click here to get a quote now.

2. Prolonged Service Year

If a car is maintained well, it will return the value of your investment with twice as much service. You can add years to your car’s life by repairing signs of damage before they can turn into a significant problem and maintaining optimum operating conditions.

At AME Automotive, we only use best-in-class materials to ensure your car is up and running for years. For instance as a platinum dealer, we won’t be beaten on Kumho tyres. AME Auto offer the best tyre services with Kumho Tyres, a globally recognised tyre company. Each set of Kumho tyres also comes with a $20 free fuel card at absolutely no additional cost.

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3. Controlled Fuel consumption

A lot of car problems like faulty engines or worn-out tyres can rapidly increase your fuel consumption leading to higher fuel bills. Periodic car service Perth helps you identify these hidden issues and improve fuel efficiency. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks on fuel? We have the best mechanics Canning Vale, Perth and the Metro area.

At AME Automotive, we can run checks on your car to identify the factors driving up your fuel consumption. For the best deal on thorough servicing, you can check out our “Pamper My Car” offer.

Also, if you want to make up for your loss on extra fuel consumption, the Pamper My Car package has an exclusive $40 fuel card at no additional cost.

4. Insurance Costs

Driving around in faulty cars will never be good for your insurance policy. if you get into an accident and the blame comes down to these unserviceable, damaged car components, you may lose the claim.

Also, with each at-fault accident, your insurance score goes down, and the risk factor is compensated by expensive higher premiums.

If you want a vehicle inspection for the sole purpose of landing a good insurance deal, head over to our vehicle inspection department and let our experts guide you through the process.

Why Choose AME Automotive

Despite all the other vehicle inspection centres and Canning Vale mechanic, you might wonder how we can help you better.

Here’s how we promise to make your experience delightful:

  • Sourcing from only the best brands like Prestige and Kumho tyres Perth
  • Comprehensive list of auto services for every make and model
  • Government of Australia authorised comprehensive vehicle inspection service
  • You get a free car wash, free fuel cards, a loan car, and many more exciting gifts with every service
  • Best deals through our website only special offers like Pamper my Car and Tyres Special Perth
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service

Final Thoughts

The government of Western Australia has purposefully imposed vehicle inspections to improve road safety standards and prevent accidents caused by unfit vehicles. Abiding by the norms and getting your vehicle inspected periodically is also a crucial measure for your safety.

We understand that the process of vehicle inspection Perth can be a little overwhelming for first-timers; that’s why we are here to help. AME Automotive covers every aspect of vehicle inspection and helps to guide you through the process.

For the finest car service Perth and vehicle inspection Perth, all that you have to do is leave a message here or contact us on 94553225