We’re often asked, “What makes Kumho tyres absolute best in Australia?” Well, we’ve fitted, tested, and trusted them for years at AME Automotive. They’ve consistently delivered unmatched performance across our rugged terrain, from blistering deserts to torrential rains. We’re here to share why we believe they’re the best bang for your buck, combining quality, durability, and value. Stick with us, and we’ll show you why Kumho should be your first choice for tyres down under. 

Key Takeaways 

  • AME Automotive is a Platinum Dealer for Kumho Tyres Perth. 
  • We have a massive range of Kumho Tyres in stock to keep your family safe on the road. 
  • AME Auto offers the best pricing for Kumho Tyres in Perth 
  • We have over 30 years of experience in providing the best car service Perth, making us a reliable choice for all your automotive needs. 

Tyre Quality Perth 

Over the years, we’ve found that Kumho Tyres consistently offer unmatched quality and durability, setting them apart in the Australian market. We’re talking tyre specials Perth residents can’t ignore. Whether it’s reliable tyre repair Perth drivers need or a comprehensive car service Perth locals trust, Kumho delivers. Plus, with precise wheel alignment Perth roads demand, your safety is assured. Kumho tyres, they’re the best bet. 

Kumho Tyres Perth 

At AME Automotive we carry all types of tyres, so we have you covered, although we’ve observed that Kumho Tyres’ commitment to innovation is evident in their use of cutting-edge technology advancements, which contributes greatly to their superior performance on Perth roads. Their tyres are integral to our comprehensive car service package. For those seeking wheel alignment and Balance in Perth, tyre repair, or new tyres, our automotive workshop Perth ensures your vehicle benefits from Kumho’s technological prowess. 

European and Electric Tyres Perth 

In addressing Australia’s varied landscapes and weather patterns, we’ve found that Kumho Tyres’ extensive range caters perfectly to every driving condition. Whether it’s for a European car service in Canning Vale, a BMW car service in Perth, or a Mercedes car service, our selection ensures reliability. Kumho is now standard on Telsa Model Y’s in some parts of the world. Plus, for VW car service or a cheap car service in Perth, Kumho’s durability is unmatched. 

Positive Customer Feedback and Reviews 

Our customers consistently praise Kumho Tyres for their robust performance across Australia’s challenging terrains, reinforcing our choice to feature them prominently in our range. They’ve shared glowing reviews about the reliability and durability after visits to our mechanic in Canning Vale. The positive feedback extends to our car service, where Canning Vale auto service experts ensure every fitment is perfect. Trust AME Automotive for your car repairs, Canning Vale’s mechanic team won’t disappoint. 

Competitive Pricing and Value in Perth 

At AME Auto, we’re proud to offer Kumho Tyres at prices that consistently outmatch competitors, providing exceptional value over time. Whether you’re seeking a European car mechanic in Canning Vale, or a BMW, Mercedes, or VW car service, you’ll find unparalleled affordability and expertise with us. Our car mechanic team in Canning Vale ensures your vehicle’s longevity and performance without breaking the bank. 


At AME Automotive, we’re confident in saying Kumho tyres are the best. They’re tough, reliable, and offer bang for your buck, mate. With cutting-edge tech and a range for all Aussie conditions, they’ve earned rave reviews. Trust us, we’re not just spinning wheels – Kumho’s value and performance are unmatched.