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Have you ever had a puncture? Do all the drivers in your household know how to change a tyre?   Have you typed into search, “Where can I find tyre repair near me”? All mechanics live by the rule that good quality Kumho tyres, regular pressure inspection, timely repair and replacement should be of utmost importance for any vehicle owner. After all, it’s a matter of your safety.

At AME Automotive we will help you to choose the best tyres in Canning Vale and Perth, that perfectly fit your car and transform your driving experience altogether. Our experts are backed by our 5-star Google reviews, and we will guide you with all the critical information on how to choose the right tyres and maintain them for extended periods. If you are looking for the best tyre service Perth, there’s no doubt, give us a call!

Best Tyres for Perth Roads

For most of us, all tyres may look and work equally. However, different types of tyres are designed to function in a specific manner depending upon the terrain, vehicle, driving style, and performance. I hope you know AME Automotive will beat any official Kumho tyre price in Western Australia!   Visit our offers page for the best quotes on new tyres Perth.

All-Season Tyres

Most vehicles come with standard all-season tyres. These tyres are manufactured with a more complex rubber compound to give you a comfortable ride, low noise, and impeccable handling on the roads, offering safe all-season traction.

In this Tyre design the tyres are made of grooves and tread patterns to perform well in rain, hail or even dry roads. However, they are not ideal if you frequently drive in extreme summer and winter conditions.

Unsure about the best Kumho tyre for Perth driving conditions? Contact our in-house tyre specialists at AME Automotive, who will advise you on the best tyre type for your specific vehicle.

Touring Tyres

Touring tyres are a mix of reliable traction, ride comfort, low noise, and kilometer. Our Kumho touring tyres provide exceptional value for the discerning touring driver with more sensitive handling and higher speed ratings. Available in low profile sizes, they are fit for any length of the sedan.

If you are looking for a Kumho tyre shop Perth, why not choose a Kumho platinum dealer like AME Automotive! We are the best in Western Australia when it comes to price and quality.  We just won’t be beaten on price for any Kumho tyre.

Performance Tyres

Into performance? Love higher (legal) speed driving and cornering like sports cars, utes, and luxury vehicles. These are compatible with almost every automobile with shallower treads for better grip.

Our Kumho performance tyres provide better response, handling, and traction. They are typically bigger and have lateral grooves, designed particularly for very wet and dry conditions.

Even if you own a family van or a modest sedan, you can opt for our performance tyres. Give us a call at AME Automotive and let our experts remodel your driving experience.

Highway Tyres

SUV ‘s now account for more than half of all vehicle sales in Australia per month.  Highway tyres are suited for SUV’s and are classified as more aggressive and should be your go-to choice if you’redriving on Perth’s Highways and Freeways. Since these vehicles are much taller and heavier than smaller sedans and hatchbacks, they are matched with the SUV to have excellent handling, braking, and stability.  You get all this and more with our secret website special at AME Automotive with Kumho tyres.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres or off-road tyres are suitable for car owners who live in area’s only accessible via unsealed roads or you may just be a Perth off-road enthusiast. These tyres are made of an aggressive larger tread with more patterns than highway tyres.

These Kumho tyres have extra rigidity for better off-road control and performance.  They can handle rocks, mud, rain, sand, and more. Ideal for 4×4’s, some larger SUV, RV’s, Camper’s and light truck/van, all-terrain tyres offer comfort and stability in addition to off-road thrills.

All your searches for tyre replacement Perth and Canning Vale and tyre service near me ends at AME Automotive. We specialise in replacing truck tyres Canning Vale, Car tyres Canning Vale, and Kumho tyres Canning Vale.

Tyres Safety

If you’ve read our blogs, you know our expert mechanics try to incorporate in safety and educational elements.   These are our family points to note:

  • Driving at any time on any road with an unhealthy tyre is just plain unsafe
  • Driving near 80km/ph with a “space saver spare” is just plain unsafe
    • These are short term tyres, that easily lose grip – terrible for traction in all conditions

If you or a loved one is in any doubt, please pop into our workshop in Canning Vale for a free tyre safety check.

Signs That My Car Tyre Needs Repair

AME Automotive have put together some warning signs that you may need a tyre repair, replacement, or maintenance:

  1. If the tyre light indicator in your dashboard pops up. On newer cars (with this facility), it lights up when there is a pressure change in any of the tyres.
  2. If you regularly experience low pressure in the same tyre. This means you have a slow leak, and the tyre cannot hold pressure.
  3. Tyres with low, uneven tread wear or no tread indicating poor traction on the road.  The first thing a policeman does in Western Australia is check your tyres for the legal wear limit.  This is felt within the tyre grooves and based on if they give you a ticket!
  4. If the sidewalls of your tyres are damaged, cracked or have abnormal bulges or bubbles.
  5. If the age of your tyre is above six years. Read our blog onTyre care here.
  6. If your car vibrates excessively.
  • You may just need a wheel alignment and balance
  • My wife’sSUV got an AME Automotive wheel alignment and rotation the other day. Even I am still amazed at the difference this makes through the steering wheel.  It felt so much lighter the difference was remarkable.  This also extends the life of any tyres.   A wheel alignment is always cheaper than a new set of tyres that have worn out.
  1. Additional signs like wearing out ofbrakes faster than expected, poor kilometrage, and the vehicle pulling to one side of the road or another.

Tyre manufacturers do not recommend that you repair tyres, we accept in exceptional scenarios such as a flat tyre while caravanning around Australia you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.   But at the very next stop It’s recommended to get all tyres checked from a competent tyre specialist.  Preferably AME Automotive a tyre service centre Perth with a legacy of over 30 years!

Call us on (08) 9455 3225 or send us your quote for Tyre repair and replacement online here.   We love to chat tyres and just won’t be beaten on any Kumho tyre price.

Best Tyre Repairs Perth

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Kumho Tyre Perth

At AME Automotive, you get assistance from our specialised tyre staff of qualified motor mechanics. We give all our customers the right mix of quality and affordability in services. We are a family-run business providing tyre servicing and car service Perth for over 30 years!  AME Automotive have an impressive track record for diagnosing, repairing, and servicing tyres of all types and brands, we are indeed the top brand for Tyres Canning Vale, Perth, and Western Australia

If you are on the lookout for the best tyre replacement Perth, pick up your phone and reach out to us for unmatched tyre services and prices.

Feel free to reach out to us for a holistic approach to tyres and tyre repairs Perth and Canning Vale.

You may give us a call at (08) 9455 3225.  Got not time?   Book an appointment or submit a question through this contact form.   We love our tyres, maybe we have a few too many around our waist! But again, don’t tell anyone…