When you buy a new car, it comes with a pre-fitted set of tyres where you don’t get much of a say. Although when these tyres get below their legal limit its time to replace all these worn out tyres, unsafe tyres with a brand-new set of 4, AME Automotive can help you choose the right tyres for your specific car and your specific use because not all car tyres are the same just like driving habits and road conditions

In this month’s blog we will share a few tips about choosing the best tyres for your car.  Did you know you can also bring your car into AME Automotive anytime and we can guide you through different tyres and our tyre installation service – no obligation we love to talk tyres. AME Automotive only deal in world class brands like Kumho tyres Perth, and with over 30 years of experience on Perth roads, we can get you the best tyre deals. 

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How to Pick the Right tyres For Your Car 

Here are the 4 tips that will help you pick the right tyres for your car: 

1. Only Go for Renowned Brands 

If you are a new driver, you may not yet know the detail behind evaluating the quality, design and build of a tyre well. The fact is most cheap tyres slip and are not designed for our West Australian conditions. Most young drivers don’t have the time to study up and gain this adequate knowledge about tyres, although if you shop for a renowned and guaranteed brand name, normally you won’t have to worry about personally assessing its quality. 

At AME Automotive, we only sell tyres for renowned brands like Kumho tyres Perth which have stringent quality standards. All tyres offered by Kumho are naturally flawless and durable. 

AME Automotive have attained a platinum tyre dealership, this means we live and breathe tyres. Not only that but we have invested in all the specialised tyre equipment onsite to ensure seamless tyre services, new tyre fitting, tyre and wheel alignment and tyre and wheel balancing for our customers at our one stop shop for the best prices. Have a budget? We will work with you, which other tyre place in Perth can say this? 

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2. Understanding Tyre Dimensions 

When you talk tyres, the next step to finding the perfect tyre for your car is to get the right size. Luckily, most tyres have the size mentioned on their sidewall in a standard format.  

For example, if the size reads 185/75 R 14 89T, it means the tyre has a 185mm tread width and out of that, 75% of it contributes to the height of the sidewall. R refers to the radial ply construction, 14 is the diameter of the wheel rim, 89 is the load index, and T refers to the speed rating (T represents a maximum speed of 190 km/h).

Tyre Dimensions

Reading a tyre’s dimensions is easy. But choosing the right tyre for you requires a lot of consideration. Bring your car over anytime to AME Automotive and with a quick car tyre inspection Perth we will be able to find the perfect tyre for you considering: 

  1. Your vehicle
  2. Vehicle use
  3. Perth road conditions
  4. Perth weather conditions
  5. Your budget! (Most importantly)

3. Tyre Treads 

Tyre treads help your car maintain stability and grip on the road, even under heavy rain. Tread is the rubber part at the circumference of a tyre that comes in direct contact with the road. Depending on your car and how you plan to use it, there are three types of tyre treads to choose from:  

  • Symmetrical: With uniform tread, these tyres are cheap to manufacture and have a longer life. They are commonly seen in regular road cars but do not have a very high grip. 
  • Asymmetrical: These tyres have multiple tread patterns and are commonly seen in sports cars that require flawless grip on the track. The multiple tread pattern serves multiple purposes and keeps the car steady in all conditions. 
  • Directional: Generally, only high-performance cars use directional tyres. As the name suggests, the tread patterns of these tyres are unidirectional, which improves their traction and performance on wet roads.  

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4. Warranty Coverage

No matter how flawless a tyre service seems, it’s useless without adequate warranty coverage. Any tyre servicing on your car should be guarded by a suitable warranty period that has your back if anything goes wrong.  

At AME Automotive, we offer a 12-month or 20,000km warranty period, whichever comes first on our car serving. No matter what your tyres go through within this period, our mechanics are here to help you out. 

Did you know there is a warranty on Kumho tyres too? Check out Kumho’s mileage warranty page here. Their warranty is designed to give you 80,000 kms of ‘no worries’ driving on the Kumho Road Venture APT KL51, and on the Kumho Crugen HT5161. That’s almost the equivalent of driving around Australia 6 times. Kumho’s  ‘no worries’ guarantee, for if your 4WD or SUV tyres don’t last as long as they should, you don’t pay for the kilometres missed. From Tassie to the Top End, Broome to Byron – wherever you go in Oz, you are covered. Some people call it peace of mind. Kumho just call’s it their Mileage Warranty.

Bottom Line 

For safety at AME Automotive we believe Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of any vehicle. Since this is what bears the entire weight of your car and its contact with the road, you need to take a little extra care when choosing your new set with many factors to consider.  

We believe these tips will help you navigate through all the options. And at any point, if you need a professional tyre inspection Perth or a cheap car service Perth, head over to AME Automotive 

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