When it comes to choosing driving tyres there are a few different things to consider – what sort of car you own and drive (you might need 4×4 tyres, for example), the sorts of roads you’ll be driving on, just how often you’ll be driving. But what does climate have to do with your tyres? Read on to find out!

The Impact of the Weather

The roads are exposed to the elements every day. They get icy and cold during the winter months, and can leak tar during the hotter months. Your tyres spend all of their time on the road, so it follows that the weather is going to have an impact on your tyres – the amount of wear and tear they suffer, how well they grip and how well they perform can all be affected by the weather.

All Season Tyres

All season driving tyres offer a balanced approach. They provide a good level of performance in both dry and wet conditions, and they offer traction in the snow. They are generally built with the normal driver in mind and have moderate tread depths. They are made of rubber compounds that are designed to give longer tread life than summer tyres.

These tyres come in a variety of different types, sizes and models and can be used on anything from hatchbacks and sedans right through to larger sports utility vehicles and vans. They provide ride comfort, they handle well and they’re suited to the majority of drivers. So if you live in a varied climate that experiences the full swing of the seasons, then a good all-round tyre is probably the choice for you.

Summer Tyres

These high-performance tyres are built for high-performance vehicles. They are built for speed, agility and handling. They are more responsive than all-rounder tyres and perform better when it comes to cornering and breaking. This is due to their specialised tread pattern and the way they are manufactured – they are made to grip! These tyres are ideal for those living in warmer climates where winter barely shows its icy face.

Terrain-Specific Options

Aside from the weather, there is a range of other considerations to make when choosing your tyres. If you’re a 4WD driver, consider our range of all-terrain and mud terrain tyres, or our comfort and prestige highway ranges. This way you can be prepared for everything, whatever the weather or the environment!

No matter the type of tyre you choose or the climate you live in, you should still take good care of your car tyres. You can always schedule some car servicing in Canning Vale, or book in for a wheel alignment to ensure that you’re caring for your car. That way – hot or cold – your car and your tyres will keep you going and going.