Tyres contribute to pollution in a number of ways, they produce an incredible amount of rubber dust which ends up in the air, in our lungs and in water supplies, and of the 48 million tyres that are disposed of in Australia each year, over 60% end up in landfill where they break down very slowly and can cause numerous health and environmental problems. Eco tyres are a greener alternative to regular tyres, offering reduced fuel consumption, and therefore, reducing the CO2 emissions generated by your car. At AME Automotive, we are Perth’s tyre specialists stocking a huge range of tyres from trusted brands at Perth’s best prices. Most of the world’s top tyre manufacturers offer a range of eco tyres for you to choose from, so if you are considering purchasing eco tyres, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Eco Tyres?

Eco tyres are environmentally friendly tyres that help to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption. A special silica compound in their tread reduces rolling resistance, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep the car moving.

What is Rolling Resistance?

Fuel consumption is largely affected by the rolling resistance of a tyre, and this refers to how easily a tyre travels across a surface. As tyres travel, the movement creates friction. To overcome the friction, cars must output more power which consumes more fuel. The higher the rolling resistance, the more power a car needs to output. Green car tyres reduce the amount of friction produced by their movement. Their lower rolling resistance means that vehicles fitted with eco-friendly tyres don’t need to consume as much fuel in order to move.

How Do Eco Tyres Perform?

In years past, rolling resistance and vehicle performance were almost mutually exclusive, meaning tyres were either energy efficient with a low rolling resistance and often with bad grip and traction, or they provided good performance levels but wasted energy overcoming their high rolling resistance. With recent advances in the structural design of tyres and the composition of rubber compounds, current day eco tyres are both environmentally friendly and provide high performance.

How Much Do Eco Tyres Cost?

Luckily, eco-friendly fuel-saving tyres do not come with exorbitant costs that would negate the fuel savings in the first place. These days, eco tyres can be found for under $400 a set. However, determining what is good quality in this price bracket can be difficult so it is a good idea to seek the advice of your local specialist tyre centre. Try sticking to the major brands to ensure a high quality tyre.

What Properties Make Eco Tyres Environmentally-Friendly?

  • As a result of less fuel used, CO2 emissions are also reduced, and your car becomes greener.
  • With less wear on the tyre, durability and longevity is extended, meaning fewer trips to replace tyres and fewer tyres going into landfill.
  • Tyre manufacturers don’t have to produce as many tyres, saving materials and the energy needed to create the tyres.

These days, most tyre manufacturers offer tyres with fuel saving and ‘eco’ properties. While it’s tempting to go out and buy the first ones or the cheapest ones you see, it pays in the long run to know what goes into the tyres and what you can expect from them. AME Automotive is a Perth based family owned business that specialises in automobile mechanics including vehicle servicing, tyres and wheel alignment. If you are looking for high quality, affordable tyres and tyre specials in Perth, call our Canning Vale workshop today on (08) 9455 3225 or contact us online now.