Investing in a luxury car can be a lifelong dream.  Sometimes that dream can turn into a nightmare once we buy it.  Luxury cars can be more expensive to repair, so today we’ll share some AME hacks to maintain your dream car.   

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4 Easy Maintenance Hacks for Luxury Cars 

Since luxury cars are delicate, they need a little extra care and maintenance. Here are four ways to keep your luxury cars up and running for years. 

  1. Clean the Seats

It may sound silly but naturally with regular use your car seats are bound to get dirty. To keep the resell value high clean the seats regularly although with luxury cars avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals. 

For example, most BMW Seats are usually made of synthetic leather.  

Here is the AME simple method of how we clean them: 

  • Vacuum the seats first 
  • Wipe off the dust with a microfiber towel 
  • Use a pH neutral cleaner to remove harsh stains 
  • Finish with a leather conditioner for shine 

Generally, car seats last for 6 to 7 years. AME Automotive can help with you BMW car service Perth. If you are looking for an all-around car service Perth, you can also hit our Canning Vale location and check our full-range car service offers. 

  1. Maintaining the Exteriors

Cars subjected to changing atmospheric conditions, harsh sun rays and constant dust on the road are bound to lose their shine over the years. For expensive cars like Mercedes, you need to be very careful with the cleaning and polishing routine you follow. 

If you want to clean your car as good as a professional Mercedes car service Perth, follow this AME routine: 

  • Use a diluted shampoo to clean the exterior surface 
  • Clean off the remaining stains with a paint cleaner 
  • Polish the exteriors with a car polish 

 The only catch here is you should only use shampoo, paint cleaner and polish designed specifically for Mercedes Benz cars.  

 If you are unable to get your hands on a quality Mercedes Benz care kit, head over to an automotive mechanic Perth. 

 At AME Automotive, we have our own dedicated team of experts who can advise you with what to use and cleaning kits specifically designed for luxury cars like Mercedes. Click here to get in touch with us. 

  1. Drive Carefully

Another straightforward one, although you wouldn’t believe some of the vehicles we see 😊 !  Maintaining a car on the road is as important as periodic cleaning services. Luxury cars are not designed for rough driving. If you are headed towards a bumpy unsealed road, it’s best to avoid taking your expensive luxury car. 

 If the situation is inevitable and you are unfortunately faced with potholes and poorly designed speed humps – navigate your way carefully through them. 

 Did you know that careless driving through bumpy roads is the number one cause of tyre damage and wheel misalignment? Hence if you feel that your car was affected by a pothole impact, quickly bring it to us at AME automotive mechanic Perth to avoid further damage. 

  1. Tyre Maintenance

Luxury cars are always made of premium grade material (even when it comes to their tyres). That’s why replacing or repairing your car tyre can be a costly affair. 

 AME Automotive is a Kumho platinum dealer and we cannot be beaten on Kumho tyres. We can source you a tyre that wont break the bank. 

 AME top tip!  Every time you fill your car’s tank remember to get the tyre pressure checked. Tyres with low air pressure are prone to explosions that can throw you off balance and land you in a serious accident.  The vehicle tyre placard is usually in the drivers side door or in the owners manual. 

 For any tyre-related issue, reach out to us for Mercedes and BMW car service Perth. 

How Often Do Luxury Cars Require Professional Servicing? 

The average servicing frequency depends on the car model. For example Mercedes cars require professional services every year or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. 

 On the other hand some BMW cars needs professional servicing twice a year or after every 5000 kilometres. 

 AME Automotive has invested in the staff and equipment to factory service your European car at a fraction of the cost.  We and we can advise you of the manufacturers servicing schedule for your car. When you own a luxury car, you shouldn’t wait for a problem to arise before you take it for servicing.  Hence it’s best to stick to the manufacturers guidelines and bring your luxury car to the best BMW and Mercedes car service Perth. 

Final Thoughts 

Along with your personal maintenance routine, a huge part of maintaining a luxury car lies in finding an experienced car mechanic Canning Vale. 

 At AME Automotive, we have been servicing and repairing European cars of every price range for over 3 decades. For piece of mind AME Automotive offer a 12 Months Or 20,000 Kms Warranty on all repairs and servicing, car wash, air freshener and a lot more benefits on every service. Click here to know more about our services, or drop us an email at [email protected] to book an appointment.