Fuel prices are on the increase with the government adding back the fuel levy last week. If you are accustomed to driving around for work like me, there is no way you can use Perth public transport. But before you go ahead and break your bank trying to half fill your car petrol tank every four days, check out this guide on expert fuel-saving tricks shared by our experienced mechanics.  

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5 Hacks to Save More Fuel On the Road  

Whether your car is running on petrol or diesel, these five hacks will help the fuel last longer:  

1. Check the tyre Pressure  

Check your Kumho tyre pressures! It affects more than just the tyre’s longevity and your safety on the road. We repeat this all the time, if the tyres aren’t properly inflated, they can take a huge hit on your fuel consumption. Depending on how low the pressure is, fuel consumption can increase from anywhere between 5% to 8%. 

This goes the same for electric EV cars! You will lose distance on your Tesla Perth. 

We recommend checking the tyre pressure monthly if you frequently use your car. Just bring your car or EV into AME Automotive. With our Tyre specials Perth service, we will look at the tyre pressure and let you know if anything is actively draining your fuel.  

2. Be Gentle With Acceleration and Braking 

Harsh acceleration and braking put a lot of impact on yourengine and subsequently take up a lot of fuel. The best way to avoid this is to anticipate the traffic ahead and keep your eyes on the road so that you can accelerate or decelerate gently. This will increase your fuel efficiency and keep you safe on the road. Also, if you are driving through a traffic jam, try driving at a sustainable low speed instead of accelerating and braking continuously. It’s the fast starts and stops that get you. 

If you feel that despite maintaining a uniform speed, the car is using too much fuel or simply not functioning smoothly, we got you covered. Bring over your car to AME Automotive and let our experts tune up your car for a smooth ride.  

3. Maintain the Air Conditioning System  

It’s no secret that your car’sair conditioning system consumes fuel. A well-maintained AC system will decrease your car’s fuel consumption. Getting the vents regularly cleaned, checking on the coolant and ensuring that all the internal components are working smoothly in harmony will ensure your engine doesn’t have to work too hard to keep our car AC cool and a nice ambient temp.  

Not sure if your car’s AC unit is in its best shape? We got you covered. Our expert mechanics and comprehensive car AC services ensure you get the best cooling at minimal fuel consumption.  

Note: If you want to save a few more bucks on air conditioning or heating, turning them off might not help if you are planning to open your windows. If you are driving at high speed with your windows down, it increases the wind resistance on your car, making it consume more fuel to keep going. 

4. Use the Right Gears – Manual cars 

If you have a manual car, using the right gear at the right speed is the best way to make your fuel last longer. Often new drivers make the mistake of staying on the lower gears for a long time. But experienced drivers know that the lowest gears (1st and 2nd) take up maximum fuel. In contrast, higher gears (4th and above) give the best fuel consumption when operating the vehicle normally. 

So brush off your fear of changing gears and charge up to the higher gears for a smoother ride at minimal fuel expenditure. If you are facing any problem, you’re your transmission, clutch or gear changes, let our mechanic take a look for a free safety check. 

5. Watch The Weight You Put On The Car 

The more weight you put on your car, the harder it will have to work to move and naturally will take up more fuel in the process. If you have a family car, make sure you remove anything like extra luggage from the roof, trunk and take off the bike racks if possible.  

If you have no other option but to carry extra weight frequently, consider getting a GVM upgrade so that your car is better equipped to support the excess weight. 

Not sure how a GVM upgradeworks? Head to our car service centre for a quick vehicle inspection in Perth and let us take the lead. 

Bottom Line 

You have no control over some things, like the rising fuel prices. Although you can control your car’s fuel consumption by adopting healthy driving practices. For any fuel efficiency-related problem, AME Automotive is just a click away.  

Whether you urgently need diesel fuel injection servicesor a quick vehicle inspection with over 30 loan vehicles for car service Perth, AME Auto can guide you in the right direction.