Nothing is immune to the effects of wear and tear and our cars bear a fair amount of punishment. If you don’t maintain them properly, your car will let you know.

Just like our bodies, cars will give off warning signals, telling you something is wrong. It is important that you understand these signals.

Understanding Your Vehicles Signals

As cars become more technologically advanced, the extra systems can be confusing. Fortunately, while they may differ slightly, all dashboards have similar icons to warn you of any issue. It is important you know what these icons are and the reasons why they are glowing on your dashboard.

Check Engine

This is a standard icon in every vehicle. The check engine light will usually be shaped like a little engine and it may even say “check engine”. If there is a problem with the engine it will light up. This icon should not be ignored if it is constantly lit. The reasons for its illumination include:

  • Petrol cap is loose, damaged or missing
  • Spark plugs (not included in service) need to be replaced
  • Oxygen sensor needs to be replaced (immediately)
  • Catalytic converter needs to be replaced
  • Mass airflow sensor needs replacing

If the check engine icon is constantly lit , book your car for a service at your local mechanic in Canning Vale.

Battery Change

If your battery is starting to run low, it may need to be recharged or replaced. When the voltage levels are below normal, your car won’t function properly. Look for the small battery on your car’s dash.

Oil Pressure Warning

Much like the check engine light, if this icon is constantly lit it is a sign that your car is losing engine oil. These lights often look like a dripping oil can. When the car is cold, check your oils level and pressure. If you aren’t sure of the oil levels, bring your car into your local car service experts.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Your tyre pressure monitoring system (tpms) identifies a tyre with low air pressure. It usually looks like an exclamation mark in a roundish shape with tread at the bottom. As well as pressure problems, this light may indicate a problem with a tyre sensor. Some vehicles will allow you to manually reset the tpms light while others will need to be professionally reset.

ABS Light

This is a sign that your anti-lock brake system has set a code. When this happens, you need to bring your car in immediately for a diagnosis.

Brake System

This light will be easy to identify as it should flash on and off as you apply and take off your park brake. It can indicate one of 4 issues with your car.

  1. Your parking brake is on
  2. There is an issue with the braking system
  3. Brake fluid is low
  4. Problems with the ABS

Apart from keeping your park brake on, all other issues need to be addressed by your mechanic in perth .

Coolant Temperature Warning

This is one of the major causes of overheating in a car. This light is usually represented by wavy lines (indicating liquid) and a thermometer. If this light is lit, it means the car’s temperature has exceeded normal limits. This could be a result of:

  • Coolant levels being too low
  • Fan operation
  • Coolant leaks
  • Loose or broken radiator cap

AME Automotive canning vale, Perth has more than 30 years of experience in vehicle servicing in Canning Vale. If you have a problem with your dashboard lights, we can identify it for you and resolve the issue. Get in touch with us today and we’ll look after you.