Synthetic oil must be changed every 16,100 km, and coolant, every 39,000 km. Transmission fluid, on the other hand, must be changed around 80,500 km. Wait—transmission fluid can be changed?

This reaction is reasonable, as many engine fluids, like transmission fluid, don’t get changed as often as oil. Most car owners don’t know when to change the transmission fluid, let alone if the transmission fluid should be changed at all. Nevertheless, make no mistake that the gearbox is just like any other part of the car and will not last forever.

The following excerpt from The Globe and Mail gives us more information:

The transmission is an integral part of your vehicle. It’s one of the key components in delivering power to the wheels and allowing movement forward and backward. Keeping the transmission in good condition is also in the best interest of your pocketbook. Depending on labour rates and the extent of a failure, rebuilding a tranny can typically cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

It’s important to note that the mileage stated above is simply a rule of thumb. Some makers of automatic transmission fluids claim their products can last up to 258,000 km; however, your car would have dropped considerably in value by this time. To find out the best maintenance intervals, car owners should check their service manuals or look up the information online if they cannot find a hard copy of their manuals.

Mileage figures matter little in states that have climate extremes, like Western Australia. Perth, for instance, can get extremely hot around Christmas time, with annual maximum temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees. Coupled with the busy city streets, especially during rush hour, and you have a real struggle for your car.

Transmission boxes may be designed to work in hot environments, however, they can only work for so long before the fluid starts breaking down due to constant exposure to high temperatures. Fortunately, experienced Perth mechanics from repair centers like Automotive Mechanical & Electrical can assist you. Their automotive mechanics can inspect your transmission and drivetrain, replace the transmission fluid, and clean or replace the filters.

While you’re more likely to hear grinding gears than feel the transmission getting more rigid, 80,500 km is an acceptable interval for Perth auto transmission and manual transmission fluids to be changed. Changing the transmission fluid at regular intervals will help the transmission stay operational far longer than most parts of the car.