It’s almost Summer in Perth again so it’s time to start thinking about your car air conditioner service. No one wants a car air conditioning service that leaves you light in the wallet and doesn’t really fix the issue. At AME Automotive we’re a little different, we have invested in the best air conditioning diagnostic tools and mechanics in Perth.

In this blog, we want to share with you the general steps we take for all our AC servicing and potentially what you can do yourself to try and fix your car air conditioner problem.

If you are looking for the best AC servicing from certified experts, head to AME Automotive. A family-run business with over 30 years of experience on the Australian roads, no one can understand your car’s needs better than us.

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What Happens During a Car AC Vehicle Servicing Perth?

Here is everything that takes place during a routine car air conditioning service:

  1. Clean the Vents

Air conditioning maintenance always starts with the most visible parts like vents. With prolonged use, you might notice a thick layer of dust accumulating on it that is responsible for air circulation. Your mechanic will start by cleaning them up with a soft cloth or wet sponge.

If you let the dust accumulate for too long, it will not only damage the cooling pipes inside, but it’s also been known to flare up dust allergies and asthma.

If you want to know more about the common car air conditioning faults head over to our blog here – AME car air conditioning faults.

  • Clean or replace the Cabin Filters

Cabin filters are another essential part of your car’s air conditioning that is often overlooked. They are responsible for air quality and temperature control inside the car cabin.

The first step is to find out where the cabin filter is located. Depending on the car model, it can be in the engine compartment near the windshield, behind the glove compartment or under the dashboard. If you are looking for your cabin filter and need a little help refer to your car manual or call AME automotive mechanic Perth.  We’re happy to help.

These cabin filters readily attract dust from outside, making them prone to frequent clogging. If you do not clean them on time (we do it during your regular car service), it encourages the growth of mould, which will ruin the quality of the air (and even health concerns).

  • Clean the Condenser

The primary function of a condenser is to convert the vaporised refrigerant into a liquid. This means it controls the cooling capacity of your car’s air conditioner. Once the vents and filters are clean, the mechanic might move to the condensers behind your car’s front bumper.

Unless your condenser is malfunctioning, cleaning it is super easy. All that you must do is pour low-pressure water over it to remove any stuck pieces of debris or dry leaves. 

AME can perform AC repairs in our Canning Vale centre and will also check if there are any early signs of other operational issues regarding your air conditioner, such as a noisy compressor, low cooling, water dripping from the vents etc. Depending on the problems your car’s AC unit is diagnosed with, the process may slightly change. Car Air Conditioner Regas and Repairs and super simple at our workshop in Canning Vale.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Car AC Serviced from an Automotive Mechanic Perth?

If you are just going in for routine maintenance and car servicing, it should not take more than three to four hours, depending on the car model. Make sure you line up a free AME Auto loan car that you can use the entire day at your leisure. If there are any other issues like Car Air Conditioner Regas and Repairs that pop up we will give you a call. At all times consulting with our expert mechanics at AME Automotive, we will give you a solid estimate of the cost and time required.


Bottom Line

During your regular car service at AME we will always check your car’s air conditioner operation, although if it’s not acting like you would expect it to, please call it out to us (specifically when dropping off your car for a service). You may already know that the AC unit of your car has a direct impact on the engine performance. The only way to get the best kilometrage and performance is to ensure that you have a fully functioning car air conditioning unit that is not putting too much pressure on the engine.

Overwhelmed by all this information? (You are not alone), head in to our Canning Vale auto service. We can give you a detailed walkthrough of the problem and what we will do to fix it because we believe in transparency and saving you money.

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