Did you know in the auto industry, it’s commonly thought that car air conditioning systems require a major servicing every two years? At AME Automotive in Canning Vale, Western Australia, we understand how important keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently is. That’s why we provide a comprehensive service for car air conditioning systems designed to ensure you are cool and comfortable when travelling during the hot summer months and also warm and toasty in the Winter months. As Perth comes into Winter, we need AC that will demist our humid windscreens.

Our experienced mechanics (who have worked on almost all vehicle makes and models) can conduct any necessary repairs or maintenance quickly and effectively. We use only parts and products that we stand behind, so you can rest assured your air-conditioning system will be working perfectly once again before you know it!

Understanding The Benefits Of Car Air Conditioning Servicing

Regular maintenance on your car’s air conditioning system is essential to ensure it continues to function at peak performance. The industry recommends having it serviced every two years (or ask us to have a look at it when you’re in for a service) so it can keep your car cool and comfortable in any season. Not only does regular maintenance help prevent costly repairs, but it also helps to maintain the cooling efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system. Come and visit AME Automotive in Canning Vale for a thorough car air conditioning service and enjoy the benefits of a cool and comfortable drive.

Regular Maintenance

At AME Automotive in Canning Vale, Western Australia, we know that regular maintenance of your car’s air conditioning is essential. We offer a range of services from car regas service and ac servicing to BMW and Mercedes car servicing at an affordable rate. Our experienced automotive mechanics provide the best quality care for all our Perth customers, whether you need a cheap or premium service. Be sure to get your car checked out before the Winter cold (or summer heat) hits – book now with us for reliable car aircon repair, air conditioning servicing and more!

Cooling Efficiency

If your car’s aircon isn’t running as efficiently as it should, you need professional help. At AME Automotive, we provide the best cooling efficiency services around Canning Vale, so you can rest assured that your system is running at its peak performance. We’ll check for any signs of wear and tear or other damage and make sure everything is up to date with the latest in cooling technology.

The Process Of Car Air Conditioning Repairs

AME Automotive start by running a diagnostic tool to locate the issue with your car’s air conditioner! Once we have identified the issue, we’ll let you know if we need any parts replaced. We’ll then work on fitting the new part and ensuring it’s all working correctly. Finally, we’ll test the air conditioning system to make sure it’s running like new again, hitting our targets with thermometers.

Diagnosing Problems

At AME Automotive, we know diagnosing the problem with your car’s air conditioning problem can be tricky! That’s why our team of experienced mechanics are here to help. When diagnosing a problem, we will also check for any obvious signs of damage or blockages in the system, such as leaks and clogged filters (the simple stuff, although it may be buried behind the glovebox or firewall). Then we’ll run tests on the refrigerant and compressor to check their pressure levels and see if they work correctly. Finally, we’ll use our special diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact location of any faults so that we can begin repairs right away. No guesswork is required – just accurate diagnosis and fast results!

Replacing Parts

Once we’ve identified the problem, our team of experienced mechanics will get to work replacing or repairing any faulty parts. We’ll use quality replacement components sourced from reputable suppliers that we stand behind, so you can be sure that your car’s air conditioning system is up and running again in no time! Our quick turnaround times mean less downtime for you, allowing you to get back on the road quickly and safely.

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Finding The Right Car Air Conditioning Service Provider

We pride ourselves on employing qualified, experienced mechanics to ensure the best car air conditioning service. We strive to provide the highest quality service at the best cost. We also value customer feedback, so we welcome customers to leave reviews to help others choose the right service provider for them. We always strive to exceed customer expectations, so we encourage customers to read our reviews and recommendations and see what we can offer for themselves. We’re confident that our expertise and qualifications will assure customers that their car air conditioning service is in good hands. We strive to provide a comprehensive, high-quality service that meets the needs of our customers and exceeds their expectations. If it doesn’t, please come in, and we will always work with you for a solution.

Expertise And Qualifications

At AME Automotive, we understand that finding the best car air conditioning service provider is key to maintaining your vehicle. That’s why our team are experts in all aspects of car air conditioning repairs and maintenance – from diagnostics to installation or regassing (ac regas) – and have years of experience servicing different makes and models. We guarantee you’ll be receiving only the highest quality advice and services with us – so you can rest assured your car will remain cool no matter how hot it gets outside!

Cost And Quality

At AME Automotive, we understand that getting the best car air conditioning service doesn’t have to break the bank. We strive to provide our customers with an unbeatable quality of work at a competitive price – so they can rest assured they’re getting great value for their money. We also provide regular maintenance and servicing packages that are designed to keep your car running smoothly all year round – no matter what the weather is like! Check out our *$199 pamper my car special on our website!

Customer Reviews And Recommendations

At AME Automotive, we understand that customer reviews and recommendations are important for making the right decision when selecting a car air conditioning service provider. We value our customers’ feedback and work hard to ensure every experience with us is as positive as possible so they can feel confident in recommending us to their friends and family. Don’t hesitate – see us today and let us show you why we’re  Canning Vale’s #1 top-rated car servicing centres!

Tips For Maintaining Car Air Conditioning Systems

At AME Automotive, we always recommend regularly inspecting all system components of your car’s air conditioning system. This helps to identify any potential issues before they become serious. If you know where they are (or can get to them), clean the air filters every few months, as a dirty filter can reduce airflow and the system’s efficiency. Maintaining your car’s air conditioning system regularly is important, as it can save you time and money in the long run.

Inspecting System Components

At AME Automotive in Canning Vale, we understand the importance of having a properly functioning car air conditioning system. That’s why when it comes to maintaining these systems, inspecting all system components is key – from checking for refrigerant leaks and examining hoses or belts for wear or damage to testing pressure levels and temperature control settings – our expert technicians can do it all! We’ll also replace any worn or damaged parts so you can be sure your vehicle is ready for whatever summer has in store. So don’t delay. Please book an appointment with us today and get your air con serviced by experienced professionals who have seen it all before!

Cleaning Air Filters

Keeping your air conditioning system in tip-top condition means more than fixing any broken bits. It’s also important to keep the filters clean so they can work effectively and efficiently – that’s why our team of experienced technicians will check them during any service or repair you bring us. We’ll ensure they’re not clogged up with dirt, dust or debris, as this could lead to reduced airflow and decreased cooling power. So don’t put it off; get your car serviced at AME Automotive today, and we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Car Air Conditioning Repair Take?

At AME Automotive, we understand that car air conditioning repairs can be a time-sensitive issue. Depending on the complexity and scope of your vehicle’s repair needs, it typically takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours for us to complete the job. We take pride in our speedy service delivery and strive to get you back on the road as quickly as possible! Did you want a loan car and leave your vehicle with us all day – even better!

What Are The Signs That I Need To Have My Car Air Conditioning System Serviced?

Do you feel like your car’s air conditioning isn’t working as it should? If so, then you need to have your car’s air-conditioning system serviced. From funny odours and strange noises coming from the vents to weaker-than-normal cooling power, all these symptoms can be signs of an issue with your vehicle’s AC unit. I personally had a VW Golf that needed to be regassed every two years. The signs were the screen not defrosting and it being HOT in Summer. Let our team at AME Automotive in Canning Vale, Western Australia, get you back on track with comprehensive servicing and repairs for your car air conditioning system!

What Is The Cost Of Car Air Conditioning Service?

At AME Automotive, we understand that car air conditioning servicing can be a costly burden. Our team strives to make the process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible while also offering quality service. The cost of air conditioning servicing depends on your vehicle model, but our experienced technicians will provide you with an accurate quote before beginning any work, so you know exactly how much it will cost.

What Are The Common Problems Associated With Car Air Conditioning Systems?

Having a faulty air conditioning system in your car can be an extremely inconvenient and uncomfortable experience. Common problems that may arise include leaking refrigerant, blocked AC drains, broken fans, electrical faults or damaged compressors. More serious issues like these are best left to us here at AME Automotive in Canning Vale; we’re experts when it comes to diagnosing and fixing any problem related to car air conditioning systems.


Having your car air conditioning system serviced regularly is essential for keeping it running efficiently and providing you with the best possible comfort in all weathers. It’s like giving your car a check-up to ensure everything is working correctly! At AME Automotive, we recommend getting your car’s air conditioning serviced at least once a year – this will help to prevent any serious issues arising that may require costly repairs down the line. Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose any problems and provide cost-effective solutions to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable during those hot summer days. So don’t delay – book an appointment today and get back on the road again in no time!