With Perth still feeling the summer heat while the rest of Australia is flooding, your car air conditioners are working overtime during this seasons changeover to keep you cool and on the odd, weird day warm. Soon the constant pressure flicking between the hot and cold especially if you have an aging car air conditioning system could lead to efficiency issues in the long run.  

If your car air conditioner is already having trouble operating with 100% efficiency, check out these fixes to these common vehicle air conditioner problems. 

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Why Isn’t Your Car Air Conditioner Working Well: 3 Common Reasons 

Inadequate maintenance, excess pressure or malfunctioning parts could lead to failing air conditioning system in cars. 

  1. The Air Isn’t Cool Enough 

Sometimes you can feel the air rushing out of the vents after the AC is switched on, but it isn’t cool enough to offer any respite from the scorching heat. This could be caused by a leaking refrigerant pipe. My VW Golf needs to refrigerant or a regas to be topped up every 2 years believe it or not. 

Your car’s air conditioning systems relies heavily on the refrigerant to cool. A leak in the compressor condenser pipe or even the evaporator pipes can cause the refrigerant to leak out. 

It’s difficult to identify refrigerant leaks in the initial stages because they are meant to evaporate naturally. 

How To Fix a Refrigerant Leak? 

To identify a refrigerant leak, you would need fluorescent leak tracer dye. Turn on the AC and let the dye tell you where the leak is coming from. Once you find out the source of the leak, repair or replace that AC component, clean up the remaining and recharge the AC.  

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  1. No Air Coming Out of the Vents

Forget cold air, sometimes when you turn on your AC, you might find absolutely no air coming out from the vents! You might hear AC work although the vents remain dead.  

This could be caused by: 

  • Clogged Vents 
  • Broken blower/fan 
  • Broken hoses and belts 
  • Damaged fuse 

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Although let’s delve a little deeper, your air condition blower (fan) needs the power to operate, and this is regulated by the fuse. A damaged fuse will cut off the power supply and stop your fans from working. Similarly fans are responsible for pushing the air out in the car. With a damaged fan, there will be no force to push air through the vents.  

Clogged vents are another factor and can also disrupt the air intake of your vehicle. Similarly, damaged hoses and belts that connect the air conditioning components might disrupt the flow of air conditioning. 

How To Fix Disrupted Airflow? 

We may get technical here but bear with us, if the problem is with the fuse and you have a multi-meter handy, test for continuity (check if any are broken) and replace that one with the same rating. However if the problem lies in clogged vents you will have to do a thorough clean up to reinstate air circulation. 

Although if the problem is with the fan or internally damaged components, visit our automotive mechanic Canning Vale to let our experts take a look. When it comes to the internal componentry of your vehicle, only allow experienced hands to investigate it. 

  1. Insufficient Cooling

Sometimes our car’s air conditioner may work fine and deliver cool air, but the cooling may not be sufficient. This could be a sign of a dirty condenser. 

Condensers are responsible for releasing the heat balanced by the refrigerant into the air. A dirty or clogged condenser will be unable to carry out this action leading to higher temperatures inside your car. 

How to Fix Dirty Condensers?  

Fixing dirty condensers depends largely on the car model. Let’s say you have a Volkswagen where the condenser is usually placed right at the front. Sometimes to get to it, you need to remove the front bumper to gain access to the condenser and clean it thoroughly with a low-pressure power washer. Removing a front assembly to remove a condenser sometimes just isn’t feasible for inexperienced drivers, alternatively bring it in to our VW repair Canning Vale and let us take care of it for you. 

Additionally in some cases leaks in the condenser can also slowly bring down your AC cooling efficiency. If that’s the case, it’s best to visit us your local VW repair Canning Vale. Our experts will take a thorough look at your car condenser and fix the issue in our Canning Vale workshop. 

Final Thoughts 

Your car air conditioner goes through a lot during summer (and winter). If you want to avoid any significant issues from cropping up, make sure you maintain your air conditioning system and bring it down to the air conditioning experts at AME Automotive for periodic maintenance.  

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