YouTube and TikTok have revolutionised the way we get information. With countless DIY videos available on the internet for car servicing in Perth. Car owners have begun to tinker with their cars again. Sometimes we see fantastic results and sometimes they tow it to us to give them the bad news about what they’ve done. AME Automotive is enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge, we remember most kids working on a car with dad. It was a bonding time and if you broke something then you replaced it, nowadays you hit something electrical, and may the servicing gods take pity on your soul. Especially for newer electronic cars, it may be best to let the experts do the ‘technical’ maintenance items, especially if it’s a service on an expensive vehicle.   We have seen it all and that’s what prompted today’s blog.

We share our top 4 most common car servicing and car maintenance mistakes. 

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4 Car Servicing and Car Maintenance Mistakes

Here are a few common car maintenance mistakes you might be taking away years from your car’s service life:

1. Not Checking the tyre Pressure

Let’s start with an easy one, tyres Perth are undoubtedly one of the most ignored parts of your car, yet they are the ones that go through maximum wear and tear. Checking your car tyre pressure regularly will minimise tyre damage and flat tyres. If you are in for a car service, remember to ask the mechanic to rotate them. It will ensure that the tread wear is even on all sides making the not cheap tyres last longer.

Another benefit of maintaining the correct tyre pressure is fuel economy management. Without the proper pressure, your car will consume way more fuel than it usually requires. 

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2. Using Old Wipers

Another easy car service item!

Wipers are cheap to replace, and you can do it yourself yet so many people are driving around with old wipers that don’t clean properly and leave behind ugly stains on the glass. Old wiper blades can cause a lot of damage to the glass, even if it’s not evident immediately the wiper blades become like sandpaper on the glass. Have you ever driven a car and when the sun is at the right height you can see the scratched wiper path? Leaving it like this costs way more to fix. Don’t make this BIG car servicing mistake!

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3. Ignoring Oil Change

We have seen a 4×4 with a GVM upgrade, but they didn’t change the oil. Old and New car owners often forget to maintain hidden things, the same goes for an oil change. If you are maintaining and servicing your car at home give it a chance with an expensive oil change every 5000 kilometres to keep the engine lubricated and working well. 

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4. Changing Brake Pads 

First off – this is a safety item so we may sound precious about car brake servicing. Replacing brake pads, and rotors and bleeding the brakes could be expensive but ensuring safety on the road is crucial for you, your family, and other road users. If you hear any abnormal squeaking, or the brake pedal is starting to ‘fade’ into the firewall it’s time to get your brakes professionally inspected immediately.

Unless you are confident and experienced then it’s time to consider leaving the brake service to AME Automotive.

Bottom Line

It’s fun to tinker with old cars or one that is not your daily driver, although good maintenance at the hands of professionals can prolong your car’s life, ensuring you have a ride for every occasion, good or bad, without investing in massive replacements or repairs every few months. This car servicing statement is even more applicable to new electronic vehicles.

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