Taking your car to its regular servicing, may not be your favourite job. Car servicing can be expensive and time-consuming although for your car to operate it’s a necessity.

Car owners often worry about the expenses that come with this periodic car servicing. Most car owners are not aware of the basic servicing and repair costs. If you are a car owner worried about car servicing and repair costs in Perth, this guide is for you. AME Automotive have been helping car owners across Perth and Canning Vale to maintain their vehicles at an affordable rate.

Our experts prepare a pricing guide on car servicing in Perth head over to our service centre and get your ride an ultimate makeover with our wide range of services.

What is the Average Cost of Car Servicing in Perth?

The average car servicing and repair cost in Perth can range anywhere between $250 to $400. Minor issues and regular maintenance usually cost less, whereas complicated issues or logbook services can be even more expensive.

Quoting the exact price for car servicing or repair in Perth is impossible without understanding the underlying factors of your specific vehicle like the model of the car, age, condition (has it been looked after) and any problem(s). The car servicing cost will also vary from mechanic to mechanic. The experienced ones that offer a better service will charge higher.

At AME Automotive you can be assured of receiving quality service at a much more affordable price. We are a family-owned business operating in Perth for more than 30 years! Our aim is to offer the finest car servicing with world-class experts at the very best price.

If you’re also looking for an electric car mechanic in Perth or a luxury car expert mechanic in Perth, we got you covered. To get a quote for your car service, drop us a message.

Types of Car Services

The first thing to understand is the several types of car services. Each issue and service type requires various levels of effort and expertise and is subsequently differently priced.

AME Automotive offer all-around car servicing from vehicle inspections to a complicated engine rebuild, our expert mechanics have been thoroughly trained to fix every problem in a car.

Some of our popular car services include:

1. Wheel Alignment

You may someone who is always on the road, it’s important to get the alignment of your wheels checked every 1-2 years. This will ensure that your wheels are positioned in the right direction and offer your car substantial stability and smooth and seamless rides without risking your safety on the road. The big benefit here is that a small cost will extend the life of your tyres significantly (big cost).

2. Tyre Replacement

Tyres are usually required to be replaced every three to six years. It could be due to reduced efficiency from punctures, vehicle overload, simply because of improper inflation, worn-out treads. That’s why at AME Automotive, we offer seamless tyre replacement with only the best Kumho tyres so that you go steady in every road condition.

AME Automotive are a Platinum Kumho dealer. We just cannot be beaten on any Kumho tyre. Want to know more about our tyre replacement costs? Get a quote from us today!

3. Air Conditioning

Did you know that the air conditioner inside of your car should be serviced every year before summer? Since the car AC can be shut off for quite a few of those transitional months this could lead them develop functional issues, making them struggle in our scorching Perth summer heat. Whether it’s a problem with the pipes or refrigerant, AME automotive can look after every air conditioning issue at our very own service centre in Perth and Canning Vale.

Tired of looking up vehicle services near me? Reach out to AME Automotive and end the struggle with our convenient servicing plans and pricing.

4. Engine Repair

Your car’s engine is the heart of your car and most vital component that drives the entire vehicle. Whether it’s your AC, clutch, brake, exhaust system, or any other part, they are directly or indirectly connected to your engine, making the small cost of servicing your vehicle invaluable to a larger cost of component replacement.

Don’t wait for any complicated issue to crop up. Get your car’s engine serviced at the manufacturers recommended interval to keep it in the best shape. Check out our super affordable services.

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All our services cover:

  • Vehicle inspection & Safety checks
  • Brake and clutch maintenance
  • Exhaust system maintenance
  • Cooling system check
  • European car maintenance
  • Fuel injection
  • GVM upgrades
  • Transmission issues check

All services get the AME Automotive treatment with:

  • 12 Months Or 20,000 Kms Warranty on all Repairs & Servicing
  • Full car wash and clean
  • A gift bag of lollies
  • Air freshener
  • Free loan car
  • $40 Ampol Fuel Card!!

Bottom Line

Car servicing and repair is necessary to prevent insignificant things turning into BIG costs. At AME automotive we make this process as seamless and convenient as possible for you. With loads of lucrative offers, competitive pricing and the expert hands of our highly skilled mechanics, you can be assured that your car is with the best mechanics in Perth.

Don’t waste your time looking up “European Car Mechanic Near me,” AME Automotive is here at your service with the cheapest regular, luxury and electric vehicle servicing cost.

Contact us here or call now on (08) 9455 3225 to book your next service.