Summer is coming, what are the Symptoms of a Bad Air Conditioner Compressor?

Summer is on its way. Now is the best time to check and repair your vehicle’s air conditioner compressor. Here is the techo talk! The Air Conditioner compressors function is to pressurise and distribute the refrigerant; any problem with it will affect the overall cooling and functioning of the car AC system. As the name suggests, the AC compressor’s function is to convert the low-pressure vapor refrigerant to high-pressure gas leading to its circulation, which under the high pressure and temperature releases cold air in return. The air coming out of the dashboard’s vent remains cool because of the refrigerant circulating throughout the car’s ac system. For the refrigerant to flow smoothly across the system and stay at high temperature and pressure, it is necessary for the air compressor to function well. Tech talks over!

Car Air Conditioner Maintenance

Even after waiting for a while if your car’s Air Conditioner is still releasing hot air instead of cold, we need to check for a fault in the compressor.

AME Auto will take proper care of your car Air Conditioner and look for any sign that tells us there is an issue. To maintain AC compressor, AME Auto will take notes regularly to keep the lubricant diffused throughout the system, keep the drive belts clean and properly fixed to manage your car’s Air Conditioning system.

Symptoms of a bad AC Compressor

Like every other part of your car, the compressor is also subjected to wear and tear with the Air Conditioners continuous usage. Once things get off track the Air Conditioner will start sending signals that will notify the driver a repair is required.

Here are 4 symptoms that will tell you that your Air Conditioner is not functioning well 

1) Strange Noises coming out of the Air Vents

It is time to look at the Air Conditioner when you hear strange noises coming out of the cars air vents. The Air Conditioning system is a complete set of various parts that are connected and each part has a function to perform. These noises will indicate that the car Air Conditioner needs to be looked at.

2) Unusually High Cabin Temperatures

The Australian Summer is hot! Nobody wants to wait until it’s too late. The first and foremost symptom that always tips us off is when you feel that hot air. AME Auto has the equipment in house to diagnose a faulty Air Conditioner and solve the hot air problem in your car.

3) Leaking Fluids

Another symptom that you can diagnose at home is fluid leakage. A worn-out bearing could be the cause which gradually leads to the Air Conditioners crucial malfunction.

When looking for signs AME Auto can check the refrigerant level running in the system and replace it on premise.

4) Stuck AC Compressor Clutch

Your cars AC compressor’s clutch is connected by a pulley to the engine. A broken clutch will not be able to transfer the power to the engine to the compressor. AME Auto can inspect the clutch and repair or replaced to ensure the proper functioning of the AC compressor.

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