Driving Home for Christmas

As the mercury rises and Christmas rapidly approaches, you are probably already planning your summer holidays or a trip home to see the family. Before the festive season gets into full swing, take a moment to think about how prepared you are for the additional challenges of summer holiday motoring. By being mindful of our tips below, you can take the stress out of driving during the silly season and get ready for a safe and enjoyable road trip!

Keep Your Cool behind the Wheel

Unfortunately the Christmas period doesn’t signal smooth sailing when it comes to road safety. An increase in the number of road users, extreme temperatures and a host of other factors can all add up to more hazards than you bargained for. Make sure you stay cool and comfortable behind the wheel by getting your air conditioning repairs up to date before your journey. Avoid alcohol and stay well hydrated, especially on hot days.

Stay One Step Ahead of Festive Fatigue

Visiting the relatives or in-laws often involves covering long distances in short periods of time, especially when you live in such a vast state as Western Australia! Resist the temptation to rush your trip and beat fatigue by making regular rest stops. A walk around will help you to clear your head and get the blood circulating, preparing you for the next leg. It also helps your engine to cool down and avoid overheating on those infernal summer days.

Keep Your Vehicle in Tip Top Shape

One of the most effective ways of staying safe on the roads is to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape before you start your journey. For ultimate peace of mind, consider seeing an automotive mechanic for a full car service and wheel alignment. At a minimum, you should inspect your tyre pressure and tread to avoid blowouts or other problems. Check that your signal lights are working, your fluid levels are sufficient and your windows and mirrors are all clean.

Always Be Aware of Other Road Users

Warmer weather means more cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians sharing the road. Always stick to the speed limit, allow a safe braking distance and give plenty of space to more vulnerable road users. Be aware that many holidaying drivers might be navigating unfamiliar roads for the first time and may suddenly make erratic stops or turns. When faced with summer roadworks, proceed with extreme caution, be prepared to give way to workers and obey all temporary road signage.

Don’t become part of the Christmas road toll! Make sure you and your family stays safe this festive season by keeping your car in good repair and following AME Automotive’s tips for stress-free Christmas driving. For professional car service packages, Kuhmo tyres, great tyre specials and general advice, talk to one of our mechanics in Canning Vale, Perth.

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