Canning Vale’s Choice for GVM Upgrade Solutions

Canning Vale’s Choice for GVM Upgrade Solutions

If you carry loads for a living or if you’re packing up the 4×4 for an extended trip, don’t risk your vehicle becoming dangerous or illegal by exceeding the allocated gross vehicle mass (GVM).

What is Gross Vehicle Mass?

The GVM is the maximum legal weight a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded. Common items such as tools, tool boxes, cargo, bull bars, winches, tow bars, fuel, accessories, passengers, recovery gear and even the tow ball load applied by a boat or camper trailer all combine to add weight to your vehicle and decrease the available payload. Every vehicle on Australian roads has an official legally allocated GVM and Payload Capacity (how much weight a vehicle can carry in both passengers and cargo in the cab and tray bed). These limits cannot be exceeded.

GVM Upgrade Solutions

Why Upgrade Your GVM?

Without upgrading your GVM you may be driving a vehicle that doesn’t meet safety regulations, putting you and other road users at risk. Overall vehicle stability is greatly impacted when the GVM is exceed. Other reasons to upgrade your GVM:

  • To ensure specific improvements in the functioning of your vehicle such as its carrying capacity, handling and towing stability
  • Insurance companies may not honour payouts if the vehicle is found to be loaded beyond approved GVM
  • If you’re caught driving a vehicle loaded beyond its prescribed GVM, you could face serious fines.
  • Protect your business from claims for breaches of OH&S rules and employee negligence
  • If you regularly tow caravans, horse floats, camper and general trailers, or just need that extra load carrying capacity.
  • If you have a serious four-wheel drive fitted with bull bars, winches, recovery equipment, drawer systems and camping gear looking for compliance to the federal and state GVM laws

GVM Upgrade and Warranty

Upgrading your GVM will not affect your vehicle’s warranty. The team at AME Automotive will ensure the upgrade is certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and fit a GVM upgrade compliance plate to your vehicle. The vehicle can then be registered with new increased GVM, ensuring it can be legally used in all states of Australia. For vehicles that have already been road registered, the vehicle is to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer in that state and be issued with a compliance certificate.

Contact AME for Your GVM Upgrades in Perth

If you’re unsure about the GVM of your vehicle, if you think that you are running your vehicle over the legal weight limit, or if you know you need to upgrade your GVM, book your car into AME Automotive today Canning Vale’s mechanic and trusted GVM upgrades. We offer a full assessment service and then advise the best available options for your vehicle. Contact us today.

Best Car Servicing Mechanics in Canning Vale, WA

Best Car Servicing Mechanics in Canning Vale, WA

Car Servicing Mechanics in Canning Vale

AME Automotive is the leading car servicing business in Perth. A family operated business with 30 years of experience servicing new, used, fleet and European vehicles.

AME Auto is a family operated business which has thrived on your referrals for over 30 years. Our focus is our customers experience and old-fashioned customer service.

AME Automotive take pride in delivering the greatest value to you. AME only have leading mechanics servicing your vehicle. AME Automotive continually invests in the latest equipment and our staff’s technical knowledge, so you can be assured that all vehicles are serviced with the highest expertise.

Canningvale Car Service

We understand how important it is for our customers to be informed at every step of the vehicle being serviced at AME Automotive. We offer all customers a free loan vehicle for the duration of servicing to make the experience simple. All vehicles serviced with AME are also be pampered with a wash, vacuum, and a scent to smell brand new.

AME Automotive only uses parts manufacturers recognised for quality and longevity.

AME Automotive can assist with maintenance plans for business and fleet customers specially designed to prevent against breakdowns. We can share our many years of experience in servicing business vehicles to avoid costly repairs and downtime. A vehicle not operating, costs money and our maintenance plan will keep your vehicle on the road, safe and extend the vehicles life.

AME Automotive has built a one stop shop for your vehicle!

Government checks, transmission service, safety point inspections, tyre rotation, wheel balancing, cooling system flush, electrical system check, roadside assistance, glass replacement, interior cleaning, denting, custom graphics, body kits, insurance claims, tuning and more.

All vehicle servicing is done under one roof with our highly trained mechanics focused on quality workmanship, advanced products, and modern techniques.

AME Automotive confidently offers a 12 month or 20,000kms on all repairs and servicing to our customers.

Signs Your Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning

Signs Your Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning

Keeping your car running properly requires preventative maintenance and regular servicing. No only should you perform routine services, such as changing the oil, along with other professional services to keep the engine running correctly, a vehicle’s fuel system is an important component that must also be maintained on a regular basis. At AME Automotive, we are the best car mechanics in Canning Vale, Perth and we specialise in professional car servicing and fuel system cleaning. Without regular maintenance, fuel injectors can develop faults or become clogged, read on for our guide to fuel injectors and the signs you should be aware of that indicate you are in a need of a fuel system service.

What Are Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors are an essential part of your car’s engine, delivering fuel at the right time to ensure clean and efficient combustion. Fuel injectors receive and spray petrol (or diesel) into the engine in the form of a high-pressure mist. Fuel injectors are controlled by the engine computer to ensure fuel is delivered at the right time, in the right amount and at the correct pressure, angle and spray pattern. There is one injector per cylinder that delivers fuel to the engine, so if you drive a 4-cylinder car you will have 4 fuel injectors.

Signs and Symptoms of Clogged or Faulty Fuel Injectors

Sometimes fuel injectors can develop faults which impact on their performance or cause breakdowns. This is often due to them becoming clogged with debris, although some mechanical and electrical issues can also affect them. The following signs indicate that a fuel system cleaning is needed:

Check Engine Warning Light – The most common sign of a bad fuel injector is the check engine warning light, which appears on the dashboard. While there are a few different reasons why a check engine light can illuminate, it will definitely switch on when the injector is not performing as it should, that is delivering too much or too little fuel.

Misfiring Engine – If the engine does not get enough fuel sprayed into it due to a clogged injector, then the engine will misfire as you drive. Your vehicle will struggle to accelerate or there will be a pause after you step on the accelerator pedal.

Rough Idle – If your car’s idle noise has changed and idling feels rough, the fuel injectors may not be delivering fuel as they should. While several faults can cause a rough idle noise, including a bad spark plug or a dirty air filter, blocked injectors are one of the most common reasons for this.

Engine Stalling – If your engine randomly stalls or cuts out without you doing anything to cause it, this could be due to a lack of fuel reaching the engine from the injectors. If too little fuel is reaching the combustion chamber, the engine will stall.

Poor Fuel Economy – A clogged, leaking or faulty fuel injector can lead to a significant drop in fuel economy. This is because the engine is not getting the right amount of fuel it needs for combustion, so it will place more demand on the injector to supply it with additional fuel. This results in poor fuel economy.

Maintaining Fuel Injectors

When a fuel system gets clogged, it affects the performance of your vehicle. Not only may you have issues with loss of power and stalling, but you may also notice your fuel costs increase and if left untreated, it can result in serious issues with your vehicle’s operation. The simplest way to clean and maintain fuel injectors is to book your vehicle in for a car service with a qualified car mechanic.

Ensure your vehicle can operate with efficiency by booking for a car service today. AME is Perth’s leading automotive service centre, specialising in log book servicing, fuel system cleaning and repairs, air-conditioning, tyre and wheel alignment. For the best car service Thornlie and Canning Vale locals trust, get in touch with AME today online or call us on (08) 9455 3225.

5 Common Signs Your Timing Belt Needs to Be Replaced

5 Common Signs Your Timing Belt Needs to Be Replaced

The timing belt is an internal engine component that rotates the engine’s cam and crankshaft, ensuring each cylinder fires at the appropriate time. Made from high-quality rubber with nylon-reinforced cords inside to extend the life of the belt, it is subject to incredible forces inside your motor and will eventually need to be replaced. Without a fully functioning timing belt, your engine will not run. AME Automotive are Canning Vale’s leading mechanics with expertise in engine repairs, tyres and wheel alignment, brakes and car servicing. Most car manufacturers have a predetermined recommendation on when you should replace the timing belt, but there are a few warning signals that a problem exists. If you experience one or more of the below symptoms, arrange a car service and have certified mechanic inspect the timing belt replace it if necessary.

Engine Makes a Ticking Noise

When the timing belt starts to wear out, it may create a ticking sound inside the motor. This ticking noise can also be a sign of low oil pressure within your engine or the engine not having the proper amount of lubrication, so check your oil and if the level is within a normal range, consult your mechanic to inspect your timing belt as soon as possible.

Engine Won’t Turn Over

If the timing belt has broken inside, the engine will not be able to turn over or ignite. When you turn the key, the starter motor may engage, but since the belt operates the crank and camshaft, it will not turn over. If the issue is due to the timing belt being broken, it may also result in other internal engine compartment damage.

Engine Misfires

A worn out timing belt might also impact the engine’s fire rate. The belt is attached to pulleys that drive the crank and camshaft, if the it was to slip away from the gears and fall onto the camshaft, one of the cylinders will open and close too soon. This may cause an engine misfire and means the belt should be replaced immediately. If left, it may result in permanent damage to the engine.

Rough Idling of the Engine

A timing belt is constructed with teeth that grip gears as they’re rotating various engine components. If these teeth become brittle, break or fall off, the belt will start to slip away from the gears which can lead to stalling of your engine. If you notice a loss of power and rough running conditions including, odd idling and a flashing check engine light, consult a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

Decline in Oil Pressure and Oil Leaking

If the timing of the belt is failing, it can skip and break off pieces of the camshaft and some of these pieces might fall into the vehicle’s oil pan, resulting in the oil pressure to drop in the bottom of the engine. Oil may also leak from the timing belt cover if the cover comes loose or if the gasket between the engine block and timing cover wears out, is cracked or has been improperly installed and is pinched. Leaking oil from the timing belt cover commonly results in engine overheating and can prematurely wear the timing belt. If you notice any change in oil pressure or oil leaking from the front of the motor, there could be a problem that needs prompt attention.

The timing belt is an essential component in the proper functioning of your engine. Due to its importance and the immense force under which it operates, it is essential to replace your timing belt routinely as recommended by your vehicle’s user guide. Failure to maintain or replace your timing belt can result in catastrophic engine failure which can end up costing you thousands.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running its best so book your vehicle in for a thorough car service at Canning Vale’s best automotive mechanics today. If you are concerned that your timing belt is failing, AME’s certified mechanics are able to fully inspect, diagnose and repair any issues ensuring your vehicle is safe for you and your family. Contact us online to make a car service appointment or call us (08) 9455 3225 to speak with one of our technicians.

Should I Use a Local Mechanic or a Dealership for a Car Service?

Should I Use a Local Mechanic or a Dealership for a Car Service?

Most people think that if you really want to get great service and keep your new car warranty then you need to take your car back to the dealership. This is certainly not the case. While dealerships might be specially trained to deal with the make and model of your vehicle, in most cases there are at least a few automotive workshops close to your home that offer the same level of service and quality, but for a much lower price. At AME Automotive, we are the number one choice for a car service in Canning Vale and surrounds. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using a dealership for your car service as well as the benefits of choosing a local mechanic so you can make be best choice for your vehicle.

Pros of Using a Dealership

  • Dealerships generally deal with only one specific brand of car do they will be the experts in the make and model of your car.
  • They have access to the electronic scan tools specific to the make of your vehicle.
  • They should be able to provide a loan car available if needed, however depending on how busy your dealership is, you might have to wait a few weeks before one actually becomes available.

Cons of Using a Dealership

  • Usually more expensive as they are larger and have more overhead costs.
  • Even a basic service can take a whole day. Normally you will need to drop your car off at 8am and pick it up at 5pm which means a whole day with your car off the road.
  • Dealerships are notorious for upsells. For example, additive companies provide the service advisers commissions for selling you flushes you don’t need.
  • Most dealerships will have transport, but they’re limited to times and destinations.
  • You will likely never talk to the mechanic who actually services your car. All of your dealings will be with a receptionist and service adviser, so all information relayed is second hand.

Will My Warranty Be Void if I Go to a Local Mechanic?

Dealerships like you to believe that your car must be returned to them for servicing in order to keep your warranty intact. However, this is not true at all, as long as a licensed repairer services your car according to your car’s logbook, your warranty will not be impacted.

What if I Was Offered ‘Fixed-price’ or ‘Free’ servicing from the Dealership When I Bought My Car?

While you may think this will save you money, dealerships need to make money from your ‘fixed’ or ‘free’ service packages so often standard items such as batteries, tyres, wheel alignments and other repairs aren’t included. They may also go above and beyond to upsell unnecessary additions, making you pay for products or services you don’t actually need.

The Advantages of Using a Local Mechanic for a Car Service

  • Affordability – Local workshops are usually smaller and have less overhead costs than dealerships. This can mean significantly lower prices for customers. Independent local garages can get original manufacturer parts for repairs and servicing, but they can also offer less expensive, alternative parts, or even rebuilt parts, that perform the same function at a fraction of the price.
  • Personalised Service – It can be easier to build a personal relationship with a local automotive workshop, since you speak directly with the mechanics. Local workshops work hard to build relationships with their customers to ensure you return to them for future servicing and repairs.
  • Location – independent workshops are often more conveniently located than dealerships. There may be a few automotive workshops close to your home which makes it easier to drop your car off and get home, especially if you need to leave your car for repairs.

If you are looking for the best local mechanic for a car service in Canning Vale or surrounding suburbs, the team at AME Automotive are Perth’s trusted family operated automotive business with over 30 years’ experience providing high quality car servicing combined with exceptional customer service to Perth locals. Get in touch with us today on (08) 9455 3225 to book in your car or contact us online now.

What Makes a Good Automotive Mechanic?

What Makes a Good Automotive Mechanic?

Many Australians delay or even skip regular car servicing just to avoid dealing with a mechanic. They are either concerned that the mechanic will try to take advantage of them, or that they will fail to properly diagnose and fix the problem with their vehicle. Within any profession, not just the automotive industry, there are hardworking and honest people, and then there are others who aren’t as committed and don’t do as good a job. AME Automotive are the leading qualified automotive mechanics in Perth, with over 30 years’ experience providing our clients with the best car repairs & servicing in Canning Vale. We’ve put together a list that will help you find a good mechanic and ensure you have the best experience when it comes to your looking after your car.

They Are Knowledgeable

While cars all have similar basic components, every brand, make and model is different in their own way. A quality mechanic will have extensive knowledge of different makes and models of cars. When book your car in, let them know the specific make and model of your vehicle and ask about their experience with your car type. 

They Communicate Well

A good automotive mechanic will take the time to listen to you and understand any issues you’re having with your car. They won’t be condescending, or treat you as though you know nothing about cars. They will take the time to ensure you understand what is wrong, explaining any complex jargon in simple terms and clearly communicating what is needed to rectify any problems.

They Are Considerate of Your Budget

Many mechanics try to upsell to their customers, like when you take your car in for an oil change and they suggest a more expensive maintenance package. Considerate mechanics understand you don’t have money to burn to maintain your car but they’ll help you keep your vehicle running well and make recommendations to help you avoid expensive repairs later on.

They Quote Before Proceeding with Major Works

There’s nothing worse than sending your car in for a minor tune up and being hit with an unexpectedly pricey bill for additional fixes. A good mechanic will give you an upfront service quote and if something unexpected comes up, they will give you a call with an accurate estimation for your confirmation before they proceed.

They Are Upfront and Honest

A great automotive mechanic will not change the quoted price of a repair or service once they’ve given it to you, and they’ll also be upfront about the time frame the service or repair will take. While the auto repair shop you choose wants to keep your business, one sign of honesty is when the mechanic admits a problem is beyond his limits and recommends a different car repair business that can help.

They Provide a Warranty

A good mechanic is willing to back their quality and will happily provide a written warranty that guarantees parts and labour for a specific time period. This shows they are confident in their work and want you to be assured your car is in the best hands.

They Love Their Job

Typically, a passionate mechanic is a good mechanic. If they are excited and enthusiastic, then they will do a better job fixing your car, and they’ll take the time and effort to get to the bottom of complex issues and be much more pleasant to deal with.

It’s never convenient to be without your car, so having a trusted automotive mechanic you can rely on for servicing or when things go wrong is essential. The right mechanic will communicate well, be honest and be interested in developing a long term relationship with you, applying their skills and experience to your car to keep it in peak working condition. For a trusted mechanic in Perth, contact AME Automotive today on (08) 9455 3225 or book a service online now.

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