AME Automotive has been getting a lot of enquiries about compliance and GVM upgrades.  If you regularly use your vehicle to tow a caravan or carry heavy loads,more than likely it’s time to consider getting your vehicle a GVM upgrade. A GVM upgrade helps you stay within the legal load limit, which is essential for your safety and is mandatory by law. Read on as we have a real life example from about their GVM on a 200 series Landcruiser!

If you are looking for a quality GVM upgrade plan, AME Automotive premium GVM upgrade is at your service across Perth.

What is a GVM Upgrade?

GVM is your car’s gross vehicle mass, which decides the maximum load your car is allowed to carry while on the road. We make compliant GVM upgrades easier than ever for you. Our highly skilled experts, impeccable service and reliable Repco service network across the nation,we make getting your car’s GVM upgraded easy.

Why Is a GVM Upgrade Important?

GVM upgrades are critical for being safe on the road. Maintaining the correct GVM value is also essential to ensure that you do not breach any driving-related guidelines imposed by the state you are traveling in (they are all slightly different)!

The original GVM is stated by the vehicle manufacturer because each model is required to meet the standard GVM decided within Australia. However, the good news is you can always increase it to meet your changing demands, and AME Automotive provides the ultimate GVM upgrade service that will transform your car into the load carrying monster you need it to be.

Everything You Need To Know About GVM Upgrade In Australia

Australia has a strict set of rules that looks after the GVM of vehicles. These rules are imposed to ensure your safety and that of other road users. Failing to abide by the regulations can invite hefty fines, and loss of your insurance coverage if you get into an accident.

Here are AME Automotive top tips that you need to keep in mind while upgrading your GVM.  Let our experts at AME Automotive handle the rest.

Reaching your Maximum GVM is simpler than you think

Car manufacturers these days have low original GVM value. Just putting in luggage along with fuel plus 3-4 adults can make you cross your standard GVM.   Read below about a real life example lapping Australia in a 200 series Landcruiser.

Case Study – Full Time Travelers :

G’day I’m Derek from lapping the island,in 2019 I was excited to purchase my first 200 series Landcruiser and thought this was the ideal car to get me to all those remote locations safely with my family.Shortly after purchasing my 200 series, we purchased a caravan and roof top tinny which we thought would be the ideal setup to tour and “do a lap” of Australia.

How wrong was I!  Little did I know that the car wasn’t legal to carry heavy loads or tow heavy loads straight from factory like so many people believe. It was always my intention to upgrade the suspension (mainly for performance, clearance, lift for 4×4 and a little bit for the GVM).  You also need to consider other items like bull bars, snorkels and so on, however this all adds the one thing that we have so little of – weight capacity. With a standard Landcruiser weighing in at roughly 2740kg, the standard GVM is only 3350kg.  There just isn’t much weight you can add on.

Let’s break that down quickly, that weight of 2740kg is with 10-20 litres of fuel.  With full tanks it carries about 140litres of fuel.  Very quickly we are already at 2850kg.  Now I will use my family of 5 as an example, we come in at about a total of 210-220kg.  The weight is nowup at 3070kg, leaving us 300kg of total weight we can add into the vehicle.

Then you add a Bull bar 80-100kg, spotlights 20kg, roof rack 30kg, fridge in the back 40-50kg and we are basically at our maximum GVM.  We haven’t even added in the weight of the caravan’s towball yet!! So many things you see and want but how are the guys on TV getting away with selling all this gear without even having their own cars being legal on our roads?

A GVM upgrade may be able to solve this issue.  AME Automotive can change out the shocks, springs, and upper control arms all for heavy duty gear that is rated a little higher than factory gear. For the upgrade on the Landcruiser I went up to 3850kg for my GVM, an extra 500kg. Thinking this was more than enough for me all I had to add was the 320kg ball weight for the caravan, and some other modifications that I wanted to do, and all will be sweet. Again, wrong as we are a family that love our fishing, we wanted to take our tinny with us.

This added another 100kg for the boat, 50kg for the motor 25kg for fuel/oils and then all the other things that one needs to go boating and fishing. We found that we were overweight by a lot and in the end, we had to leave the boat at home with a few other items that we really wanted to bring.

We were really pushing our weights and couldn’t afford to be fined or worse not get insurance in case anything bad happened, however we still travelled around Australia (check out our path) had a great time and every day we were out there we wished we had that dam boat. Like most stories then came along everyone’s mate Covid-19, we made a mad dash for the border and just like that our trip was done, or was it?

Once home we had a few things go in our favour and we managed to sell the 200 series at a really good price due to the price hike that Australia was seeing on these vehicles.  We then managed to purchase our new car, a Ford F350.

First thing everyone thinks of when you say F350 is wow you will have no issues with GVM!   Not trueit’s still got the same issues and we still need a GVM upgrade on this car too. This car has a standard kerb weight of 3452kg and a GVM of 5216kg giving us 1764kg of weight we can put on the vehicle. Now that is a lot, and you think why do you need more?

When you remove the standard tub, it comes with and install a 1000kg aluminium canopy to carry all your gear in style and comfort you start to lose a lot of that spare weight. Luckily the GVM can be upgraded to 5800kg and still tow 4000kg with no issues as the GCM on this vehicle is 9800kg.

So to put it in short you will need a good quality GVM upgrade before you start adding too much weight to any vehicle, whilst I am not an expert I know through my own learnings (and spending) on GVM upgrades you will need to talk to thequalified team at AME Automotive.

Cheers Dereck – check us out at – Lapping the Island

Warranty Coverage

Upgrading your GVM will not affect your vehicle’s warranty. The team at AME Automotive will ensure the upgrade so that it can be certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. A GVM upgrade compliance plate will be added to your vehicle.  The vehicle can then be registered with new increased GVM, ensuring it can be legally used in all states of Australia. We ensure that your car’s load limit is enhanced without messing with the original framework and longevity of the vehicle.

What Happens During A GVM Upgrade?

Curious car owners might be keen to know what exactly happens to their car when it goes through a GVM upgrade.

When we enhance your car’s load limit, we review the entire car.   Our qualified mechanics are experts and will make sure the car is safe and in the right condition to proceed with an upgrade. Your compliance plate and individual axle weights are analysed then a suspension and componentry upgrade will be fitted to your car.

Post upgrade an authorised automotive engineer will install a compliance plate.  The compliance plate mark’s the legal recognition of your car’s increased load limit so that you can drive around with a higher load in your vehicle without any police issues.

At AME Automotive, our expertise and specialists make GVM upgrades convenient and hassle-free.

Penalties For Breaching The GVM Laws In Australia

Breaking the GVM laws and loading your vehicle beyond its capacity is not just dangerous for your safety and others safety on the roadThe penalties in Australia for exceeding your car’s standard load limit are surprisingly high. Have a look atthis news report.  Pre-Covid Police blitz at boarders were common.


Designed for drivers who tow or carry loads, the AME Auto GVM+ upgrade program has been engineered, tested and certified as an official upgrade for load carrying applications. The GVM+ suspension solution has been designed to ensure that the vehicle is not only fit for purpose but compliant with the road rules, OH+S and insurance requirements set out nationally.


Here is why AME Automotive GVM products are seriously better:

  • Australia’s largest range
  • 2 Year 40,000km Nationwide Warranty
  • The AME GVM+ Upgrade Kits are one of three that have been approved by the (Commonwealth) Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
  • For the individual kits it’s the actual GVM and the payload increase
  • Brake upgrades also available on selected kits

With an AME GVM solution you can get your vehicle on the road knowing that you have

  • National backing of specialist suspension, steering and brake outlets
  • Official federal certification
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Independently engineered solutions

If you want to chat GVM or think your car is ready to be upgraded to the next level, then book an appointment with AME Automotive today!