Most vehicle owners are on the hunt for a trusted car service Perth at some point or the other. After all, your car is a substantial investment and you’d like to keep it in the best possible condition. It’s natural for you to wonder, “Where can I find the best car servicing near me?” Well with our 5 star google reviews, you can reach out to our family business at AME Automotive for comprehensive car care.

AME Automotive continue to be one of the most sought Mechanic and service company in Perth and Canning Vale. Over the years, we have set benchmarks in the industry with our cost-effective and quality services. If you are looking for the best Perth auto service centre, please give us a call!

Common Car Service Problems in Perth

Owning a car brings with it responsibilities such as ensuring the smooth and safe functioning of the vehicle. Thanks to our professional car mechanics Canning Vale staying on top to keep the most common car issues at bay is easy.

At home we all try to keep our car in the best working condition, but eventually we need to take our vehicle to a mechanic for routine maintenance and servicing. This is because at the end of the day, it’s a sophisticated machine and safety is our number 1 priority!

AME Automotive have put together a list of the eight most common car problems in Perth and Canning Vale:

1. Issues With Ignition

In case your car doesn’t start, make sure to check two things:

  • Whether the battery is dead or not? (Check for visual clues like dim lights).
  • Is the starter motor ticking?

2. Dead Battery

If you are like my children, they forget to turn off an internal car lights, you might often forget to switch off the headlights or even just the radio in your car. This may lead to a dead battery and once the battery gets drained your car just won’t start. AME Automotive carries a large stock of new car batteries onsite for most vehicle types.

3. Flat Tyre

Running over irregular surfaces or sharp objects like glass or a nail may lead to a punctured tyre. While you may be carrying a spare tyre to use in emergencies, come in an see Perth’s Platinum Kumho dealer for car service Perth.   We always have Perth’s largest range of Kumho Tyres onsite.  Read our blog on Tyre care here.

4. Leaks

As you know, your car requires timely lubrication for smooth running. Good oil prevents the parts from premature wear and damage. If your car has a fuel, coolant or oil leak it will lose lubricant exposing your vehicle to issues and premature damage. So, if you’ve noticed a puddle under the car during parking, it’s time you visit the best car service centres Perth.

5. Failing Brakes

Brake issues call for immediate attention as they can lead to accidents. If you notice any squeaking or grinding noise while applying the brakes, reach out to us for a priority service.  Please advise us when booking in your car.

6. Cracks in The Windscreen

Cracks in windscreens are dangerous, they start small and then grow in size. Neglecting small cracks may eventually require you to replace the entire windscreen which can burn a hole in your pocket.  If taken care of early we can save you that cost.

7. Faulty Lights

It goes without saying that faulty lights not only make it difficult to drive but are dangerous. Please reach out to one of the most reputable mechanics in Perth as sometimes it may just be a simple bulb but more often now we are seeing wiring and corrosion at fault.

8. Transmission Issues

Transmission fluid needs to be changed regularly as well but is often forgotten at services.  Fluid gets old or water seeps in. This moisture causes the components in the system to suffer and leads to premature failure.

The Complete Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Centre for Car Servicing Perth

Our specialised team of car mechanics carries an impressive track record for diagnosing, repairing, and servicing cars of all models and makes. Whether you use your vehicle for leisure or business purposes, you naturally expect it to deliver the best functional value. At AME Automotive when we service a vehicle, we take care of it like it was our own baby!

AME Automotive specialise in all European makes and models. We have invested in the equipment and training our mechanics.  Come in and speak to us for professional knowledge and industry expertise. Did you know that AME Automotive is often searched as the best VW Car Service Perth, Mercedes Car Service Perth and BMW Car Service Perth and BMW Radio Repair. We take pride in servicing a variety of European and Luxury vehicles including Alfa Romeo – Audi – BMW – Citroen – Ferrari – Fiat – Land Rover – Mercedes Benz –AMG – Mini Cooper – Peugeot – Lexus – Porsche – Volvo.

Over the years Western Australia has been investing more and more in technically advanced European vehicles. As a proud car owner, count on the European specialist mechanics to ensure professional and flawless servicing.

What’s Included In A Full Car Service In Perth?

We believe AME Automotive has the best car mechanic in Perth.  This includes comprehensive packages for all our clients whether you have one car or a fleet. Here is what’s generally included in complete car service packages:

  • Full logbook service including
  • Filter and engine oil replacement
  • Checking the tyres, steering, exhaust, and lights for proper functioning
  • Ensuring that the engine is in its peak condition for its age
  • Checking the level of coolants and hydraulic fluids
  • Steering and wheel alignment
  • Checking suspension
  • Checking the radiators along with hoses and pumps
  • Examining and testing the battery condition and brake system
  • Inspecting and replacing or cleaning the air filters in the car
  • Full comprehensive mechanical inspection of the vehicle

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Which Company Has The Best Car Service Centre in Perth?

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap car service in Perth, check out our ‘Pamper My Car’ package, starting from just $199. Most car service costs in Perth range from $250-$550 this deal is best seller!

At AME Automotive, you will come across the right mix of quality and affordability in services. We’ve been providing car servicing enriched with industry knowledge and technical expertise for over 30 years now!   We are the Mechanics in Canning Vale.

Here is what you can expect with the Pamper My Car package:

  • Electronic Tune
  • Full Professional Safety Check
  • Grease & Oil change (up to 5 litres of motor oil)
  • Brake inspection & Adjustment
  • Spark plugs
  • Car washed and professionally vacuumed
  • Oil filter
  • Aromatic fragrance, wipes & treat
  • Friends that are green with envy at your beautiful car – Priceless!
  • Bonus $40 AMPOL FUEL CARD if you mention this website special!

Moreover, you can also reach out to us for a customised quote, depending on your specific requirements.

AME Car Repair Services In Perth

Affordable Automotive Mechanics in Canning ValeAt AME Automotive, we specialise in car repairs Perth and Canning Vale providing value to our clients through quality services. We are a family-run business with a legacy of more than 30 years in the customer and car service.

Besides servicing all models and makes, we will warranty all our work for 12 months of 20,000kms.  We provide complete satisfaction to our clients call us on (08)94553225 to book your service or send us an email here.

AME Automotive also provide the following car repair services:

Feel free to reach out to us for a holistic approach to auto repairs Perth and Canning Vale. You may give us a call at (08) 9455 3225 or furnish your information through this contact form.


1. How much is a car service Perth?

The mechanics offering the best car service in Perth and Canning Vale have come up with an unbeatable package. At AME Automotive you will only pay $199 for our comprehensive pamper my car service. The industry standard is around$250-$550. Alternatively, reach out to us for a specific quote.

2. Where can I find a European car service near me?

AME Auto provides the best European car service in Canning Vale. Each car model has its peculiarities, and who better than a 30-year-old business with trained European mechanics to cater to your European car requirements! Alfa Romeo – Audi – BMW – Citroen – Ferrari – Fiat – Land Rover – Mercedes Benz –AMG – Mini Cooper – Peugeot – Lexus – Porsche – Volvo.

3. What benefits can I get from the Canning Vale Auto Service?

We are the Number 1 car service centre in Canning Vale.  We will take care of your vehicle to ensure the proper functioning of its engine and components. Our experts also carry out predictive maintenance, which ensures the detection of possible issues before they amount to expensive repairs.  Come visit our Canning Vale Service Centre – auto machine shop near me.

4. When should you get a full service for your car?

As a rule of thumb manufacturers generally recommend that you service your vehicle every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres. If you can, we recommend you changing the oil and oil filter every 5,000 kilometres at home.

AME Automotive is the car service near me for affordable car service.