At AME Automotive we believe vehicles do more than just getting you from A to B.  They are also a form of release.  When we’re happy we can go for a drive. When we are sad, we can also go for a drive.  We take proper care of ourselves, but your vehicle too also needs proper care taken of it.  That care makes you safe on the road.

How does maintaining the steering system, brakes, tires and the suspension help you stay safe? Suspension is a care and maintenance item that always seems to be overlooked (unless the owner is looking for a GVM upgrade four-wheel driving (4×4) or increased towing).  In fact suspension is one of the most important factors determining the balance and traction of a car on the road.

This is where our blogs are informative for new drivers!  What really is suspension?  At its simplest, suspension is the cushion between you and the road.  Think stabilisation, your suspension helps your car in dealing with all the bumps, maintaining the tyre tread on the road.What prompted us to write this article is that studies now show that more than 5% of car accidents happening globally are caused due to damaged or bad car suspension.

When you go over a speed hump and start experiencing more of a trampoline effect this is one sign of a worn, faulty or damaged suspension.

When booking your next service at AME Automotive and ask for a full suspension check – it’s free for our customers!

AME’s top 5 reasons why your car suspension is so important.

Your suspension affects all areas of your car keeping it safe from damages caused by road shocks. Safety is always the priority, so let us get your suspension checked and serviced properly for the following key reasons:

1.    Aids in Braking

The success of your car braking system depends a lot on the suspension. Car suspension and steering are two things that keep the car stable on not just tough roads but all roads in general. Especially in situations with heavy traffic, the braking system needs to be on point. A bad suspension system will lead to the costly early wearing out of your brakes. Suspension assists to provide the optimum amount of friction during braking.

2.    Shock absorbing

When most people think about suspension, they think about shock absorbers – or in Australia shockies!  Shock absorbers are a key component of soft suspension that especially in luxury cars absorb all the shocks that can be caused due to bumpy roads, cracks and of course the Australian speed hump.  If you have a performance car you will feel shock absorbers are harder/stiffer for higher-speed driving, sacrificing that comfort to increase firmer traction with the road.

Your shock absorbers provide the balance in the vehicle and can be set accordingly.

3.    Cornering

One of the greatest benefits of suspension is that it assists in cornering. During extremely sharp or defensive turns, often performed at high speeds the wheels of the car can lift, which results lost traction to the road, and we often see upturned vehicles.  Your suspension assists to keep the wheels “pushed” on the road, it can also help to “shift” the centre of gravity of vehicles with anti-sway bars.  These can all be lifesaving.

 4.    Wheel alignment

If you read our blogs, we often bang on about wheel alignment.   New and older drivers, it’s a small cost for so much reward.   Wheel alignment keeps your suspension working as intended.  A wheel alignment, sometimes known as “tracking” is the proper adjustment of the angles of your car’s wheels. How does it save you money?  This service helps to reduce tyre wear and keep your suspension traveling straight and true, instead of veering or pulling to one side. Look for signs of vibration in the steering wheel or floorboard when you are driving.

5.    Prevents Accidents

That’s a fact.  5 out of every 100 car accidents are happening globally due to bad car suspension.

From good suspension comes better feedback via steering, better handling via turns, better ride via comfort.   A good suspension helps in gaining better control over the steering wheel and vehicle especially when you need it the most.

AME Automotive – Suspension and steering services

A family business of more than 30 years, AME Automotive is the name in Canning Vale and Perth you can trust when it comes to the safety of your car, its suspension and steering.

AME Automotive is the #1 car suspension specialist in Perth. You can trust AME with the steering and suspension maintenance of all makes and models.  AME Automotive can also help with all GVM and suspension upgrades.  Our kits are only one of three approved nationally for use.

AME Automotive we want to go above and beyond everyone else to ensure the best maintenance for you and your car.  We will give you:


  1. 12 Months Or 20,000 Kms Warranty on all Repairs & Servicing
  2. Full car wash and clean
  3. A gift bag of lollies
  4. Air freshener
  5. Free loan car
  6. $40 Ampol Fuel Card

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