Christmas is the best time of year. As the family gathers for a big feast, children play with their brand-new toys, with laughter and joy. Sadly, some families don’t get to enjoy those precious moments at Christmas.

The holiday period is one of the deadliest times on the roads. This makes it even more important to drive safely and ensure that every aspect of your car is in fine condition.

Your Holiday Checklist

December usually sees the temperature rise and people rush around for last minute Christmas shopping. Before you go away for your family holiday, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is in good driving condition. There are many things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

Book in a Service

This should be high on any holiday maker’s to do list. Before you begin to pack, book your car in for a service. As leading Canning Vale car service specialists, our perth mechanics offers a range of vehcile service options. We offer a comprehensive 12-months warranty or 20,00km – whichever comes first. We can also look at your car whenever you think it needs attention.

Check Your Tyres

Worn out tyres will put you at risk of a serious accident. On a hot summer day, travelling at high speeds with bald tyres is extremely dangerous.

At least 2-3 weeks before you head off, ensure your tyre tread is in good driving condition. If they are, the day before the trip is the best time to inflate your tyres. Under-inflated tyres are hazardous to drive with. Don’t risk it; ensure your tyres are in good condition before your next holiday. We have a great range of car tyres in Perth, including 4×4 tyres, Kumho performance tyres and commercial vehicle tyres.

Top up You Air-Conditioner

There is nothing worse than driving in stifling heat, especially if you are travelling with young children. Air conditioning systems can suffer from leaks and breakdowns. As a car repair specialist, we will inspect your air conditioning for any damage and top up the refrigerant gas in your AC.

Steering and Suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension must be in good working order to keep it steady on the road. Our local canning vale, perth mechanics will test the vehicle for suspension wear and tear. This includes:

  • Ball joints
  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs

We ensure that nothing will interfere with the suspension or the steering components of your car.

Fuel Injection Clean

Your car’s fuel system is prone to dirt and pollutant build-up. Having your car’s fuel system cleaned improves the transient throttle response. It also improves fuel efficiency and allows for cleaner exhaust emissions.
Our business is based on professional service and honest advice. As a family, owned team, we want our customers to be safe this Christmas period. For a reliable car service in Canning Vale, perth get in touch with your local AME Automotive today. Our staff will happily assist you with all your enquiries.

The Benefits of Buying Tyres in Pairs | AME Automotive

You should be replacing the tyres on your car every five years or so, or when you notice signs of deterioration. If your tyres seem bald or the tread seems quite worn, you might want to start tyre shopping sooner than later. When it comes to buying tyres, should you buy a whole new set or just a pair? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying tyres in pairs.

For Balance and Stability

If you were to only buy one new tyre and fit it onto one of your axles, you would create an instant imbalance that could cause you some serious issues when you’re driving. At best your steering may be slightly unpredictable, and at worst you may struggle to keep control. It’s important that each side of your axle holds an identical tyre – the same brand, the same tread, the same size and the same rating!

Your Car Will Thank You

Replacing your tyres in pairs will work wonders for the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. It’s going to make for a smoother ride overall, and will reduce the wear and tear of your suspension and steering system. In the long run, this means increased performance and fuel efficiency – saving you precious money and costly repairs.

Equal Tread Wear

Buying brand new tyres in pair means that you’ll have equal tread wear on each side. Uneven tread wear can cause issues with mileage, as well as your vehicles ability to grip the road properly. This is doubly important in wet or slick conditions – you really want to have a good, even amount of wear on your tyres in those cases!

For the 4x4s

For those of you driving 4×4’s, you’re going to want to replace all four tyres at once. This might seem like a bit of a sting but keep in mind the way your vehicle operates. It relies on all four tyres having the same pressure, tread and traction. So for 4WDs, replacing all four wheels is the equivalent of replacing the front or back two on another car.

Other Helpful Tips

To get the most from your new pair of tyres always fit them to the rear axle. This is because losing grip at the rear of your vehicle is always more difficult to control than the front. Remember, safety comes first!

Also, always choose tyre sizes, speed and load ratings that are recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. They know their products best.

And finally, never mix winter, summer or all-season tyres. They have different tread, traction and are made differently – pick one that suits your climate and stick with it!

Why You Should Service Your Car Regularly

As such an essential part of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget that cars are some of the most useful machines we own. Unlike our phones or our tablets, a car gets us home, to work, to our loved ones and to our holiday destination. They are generally reliable and for many people, they’re simply irreplaceable.

Because they are machines, cars can malfunction, break down and experience other issues. This can leave us stranded and needing to pay for expensive repairs (or even a new car). To avoid these possibilities, always have your car serviced regularly.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

While a car service may seem like an expense – consider the larger cost of a complete breakdown. You may find something major like your engine needs replacing, causing you to weigh up the costs of replacing your car altogether. Having a regular service schedule will ensure that your local automotive mechanic will be able to keep tabs on how your car is running, and hopefully, prevent a costly, inconvenient and annoying breakdown!

Also, aside from preventing breakdowns, a regular service schedule ensures that your car is well maintained. A well-maintained car is more likely to be fuel efficient – and the more fuel efficient your car is the less money you are going to be spending at the service station in the long run.

For Safety

A car that is in disrepair is a major risk to its owner and everyone else on the road. Leaky exhaust systems can be fatal if left unattended, as can a faulty engine. Bald or otherwise worn tyres can cause blowouts while driving, which could be especially dangerous at high speeds.

Having your car checked out every 6 months or so is a small price to pay to avoid an otherwise dangerous incident.

Your Car Will Last Longer

Car shopping can be exciting, let’s admit it. But you know what is not as exciting? Shopping for a car when you didn’t intend to! Getting your car serviced on a regular basis will make sure that it will drive you from A to B for many more years than if you don’t service it regularly. So if you want to avoid those car salesmen, visit your mechanic for regular car servicing.

It Will Remain Road Worthy

The last thing anyone wants is a fine for having an un-roadworthy vehicle – especially if it’s for something like a cracked windshield wiper or a busted tail-light! Having your car serviced will make sure it is legally up to scratch, and this will contribute to other positive benefits such as safety and efficiency.

At the end of the day, the benefits of regular car servicing far outweigh the risks. To experience all these benefits for your car, head to your local auto mechanic and organise a service today.

Car Road Trouble: Troubleshooting Your Way to Expert Perth Mechanics

One of the worst things that can happen to any driver is for his or her car to break down, or threaten to break down through some unexpected signal or noise, while on the road. An article by Brian Turner in Driving.ca advises drivers to first get away from traffic if this is possible. If not, Turner says it is best to stay in the car if the traffic is light, or get out and stay along the side of the car if the traffic is heavy, with all the warning lights turned on.

The next thing you may try doing to avoid expensive towing services is to troubleshoot and try to get your car going again, at least until you reach the nearest garage and have Perth mechanics do proper repairs. Some of the most common roadside problems drivers encounter include failed batteries, flat tires, and electrical failures.

You may try charging a sputtering battery using a boost; if you don’t have one of your own, perhaps you can borrow from a nearby motorist. This is usually sufficient to breathe a short life into your battery until you can get it to a mechanic for a recharge or a replacement.

Every driver knows what to do with a flat tire, of course, and it will help to always have a spare and a jack handy. Electrical problems often come as a failure of the alternator or starter, and Turner has this to say about them:

The first symptom of failure is usually the battery warning symbol lighting up on the instrument panel. When this happens, if your vehicle is still running, turn off all unnecessary electrical accessories and head to the nearest repair centre, highway exit, or road-side stop.

Electrical problems, unfortunately, are harder to fix than other types of vehicle trouble, and would need to be serviced by reliable Perth auto electricians. This is especially true with the latest car models which have more complex electrical systems than older models. The most capable auto electricians may be found only in reputable auto service shops like AME Automotive.

The Benefits of Buying Kumho Premium Tyres

There is a saying that goes “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to purchasing new tyres, that saying speaks the truth.

Kumho Premium tyres won’t just last longer – they will give you real value for money. Performance, handling and fuel economy are just some of the benefits of premium tyres. Yes, you can buy the cheaper brand, but they’ll only give you so much in terms of overall value. You can’t compromise on quality or safety with your purchase and tyres are no different.

Why Choose KUMHO premium tyres?

There is a common misconception that all tyres are created equal. Sure, every tyre is circular and made from rubber, but don’t be deceived. Consumers are always looking or a bargain. After all, who doesn’t like saving money?

Budget tyres appeal to car owners because of their price tag. This is almost always very misleading. Yes, budget tyres will save you in the short-term, but the long-term cost to your car will add up. Premium tyres not only last longer, they will add much needed visual appeal to your vehicle.

Made from Quality Rubber

Premium tyres are made from synthetic rubber. This gives them extra bounce when in motion. They are designed to withstand heat which builds up during long drives and the rubber compound is engineered to drive on any surface in all weather conditions.

Cheaper tyres are manufactured from cheaper material, which isn’t as rigorously tested for longevity.

They Last Longer

Some car owners opt for the cheaper tyre as they believe that every tyre is the same. This is not the case.

When it comes to purchasing new tyres, the short-term pain is worth it in the long run. While your bank balance may not enjoy it, in years to come, you will be thankful you made the right decision. Premium tyres are designed for greater use and longevity. All the rigorous testing, wide-ranging researching, engineering and technology that go into those tyres are worth the price. You are paying for quality assurance.

In fact, recent product tests comparing cheap and premium brand tyres have shown that premium tyres constantly outperform cheaper tyres.

Better Traction and Handling in all Driving Conditions

Tread depth is important for keeping your car on the road. When tyres start to wear out, your car’s handling becomes inferior. This makes it harder to control in wet conditions.

Budget tyres wear out quicker, especially if you drive long distances. This means your brakes and suspension will also start to wear out, which can result in unnecessary repair costs. As a car tyrespecialist in Perth, we see this all too often. Spending that little bit extra for a premium tyre will save you time and money.

The AME Automotive team are experts when it comes to tyres in Perth. We have a great range of commercial vehicle tyres and stock the latest Kumho sports tyres. If you are in the market for new wheels, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us today and our team will look after your vehicle’s needs.

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